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Nico Cabeza

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Artist interview with Nico Cabeza



“Nico Cabeza” is an artist and DJ who is certainly creating more than a spark across the circuit.

He’s current production output on labels such as “Christian Smiths” “Tronic”, “Moon Harbour”, “Snatch!” “New Violence” and also remixes included on “Se-Le-Music” have been gathering great pace and been play listed featured amongst some of the best. He continues week by week to impress with more of his production stamina whilst proving to be an artist who’s here for the next plateau.

He’s another Italian artist, which in many eyes Italy is the county of Tech & Tech House in the modern era.
Has a DJ his style is quite reflective of his own music but also with an element of surprise, groove and energy and he’s been a feature of some great international gigs in 2016. We managed to catch up with “Nico” for a bit of a chat about all things “Cabeza”.

(Interview start)
1. First of all, “Nico” thanks for agreeing to chat to us. I want to get started by asking you to tell us a little bit about yourself and your introduction to producing music / DJing.

Hello and thanks for having me here. I started DJing at the age of 14 year’s old and then got into producing music at 22. Initially I used to record under the name of “Chube.Ka” and I had some good releases under my belt using this name. At one point though I really started to question myself as a producer and thought my music was really boring and it just didn’t satisfy me anymore. So I decided to reboot and create my new project” “Nico Cabeza”. To be honest I don’t really like to talk about myself, I prefer let the music speak on my behalf.

2. 2016 seems to have been quite a big year for you and your presence has certainly risen a lot.
What have been your highlights of 2016 and was there any important steps or moments that have helped your profile rise as a producer?

Sure, 2016 was absolutely AMAZING! I think my highest moment was when my “Tronic Ep” was released “Nero Ep”. This was a dream that became reality and it give me a lot of new ideas and inspiration as well as helping me rise more as person and producer on the circuit.

3. How would you describe your production sound and is there any particular music apps or tools you favour the most when recording music?

My music just comes from what’s in my mind at the time, I try to make it as groovy and happy as possible with an attitude of “You have to move your ass with this!.  My favourite tools in the studio are 1: my Moog synth and my Roland TR8, can’t produce without them and they are essential for me!

4. “Christian Smith” and his label “Tronic” seemed to have really embraced you as an emerging talent. How did the introduction and relationship come about with “Christian” and the “Tronic” camp?

That’s a long story but “Macromism” who live in the same city as me introduced me to “Christian” at the “Sonar” event some years ago. I also met him a few more times when traveling around the world and eventually decided to send him some demos. He’s a great person that employs professionalism to all his work. I love to spending time talking to him about everything and he’s really a great inspiration for me.

5. Lets talk DJing, again in 2016 you seemed to be DJing a lot more and featured on some great line-ups / gigs. What gigs have been standouts for you so far and how would you describe your DJ style?

Two great memories came from my gigs in “Munich” at “Harry Kelin’s DOTS” party in July, a club I really love that club. Also the “Tronic” / “Terminal M” night at ADE. That night I was really excited but also totally ill. I was really focused on my set but didn’t have the mind set for the occasion to party like I would in previous years, But it was really cool!

6.  “Italy” seems to be such a momentous force in club music right now. What’s your take on what’s happening in the Techno / Tech house world in Italy and is it inspiring?

Italy is not great for techno in reality. I’m honest and I can’t see a great perception in this field.
We have some good places, and some are focused in my area like “ALTAVOZ in Venice”.
This place they try to mix big names with young producers from the neighbours. The crowd is really hot there; I’ve played there and got a great friendship with the owner and resident MAX DI BLAS.

7. On a different topic you seem to be concerned about Italian politics, what’s troubling you there?

Oh gosh… please don’t let me talk about this, I’m going to end up being banned, ahhhha!
Just keep this in mind, The last time in Italy we voted for our prime minister was like 3 years ago and we changed 4 of them meanwhile… without voting? It’s simply a SHAME.

8. If you could remix any artist or collaborate with anyone of your choice, who would it be and why?

Eagles and Butterflies! He is just the best for me right now and I love his works!

9. Can you please share with us any of your up and coming plans, productions and gigs coming up in 2017.

Please stay tuned on my facebook page… 2016 was amazing but 2017 will be more! 🙂

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