The Acid Test

Issue 101 Phutek

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Phutek is an artist and DJ doing the circuits at the moment with his “Techno Fire”, and is one of Carl Cox‘s favourite producers at the moment.  One thing we do know about Phutek is that although being a good dj/producer he also has a good sense of humour so we sent DaGeneral over to his potato farm for a light hearted chat.


Q. I was just curious where the name Phutek came from, was it after a dirty weekend in Thailand?

A. Phuture Tekno ! Mind you I can see how people with poor reading skills can read the T and the K the wrong way round. And get confused with a beautiful island in Asia. Lol… (happens a lot, let me tell you)

Q. You have been a super busy boy in 2016 which has been a massive year for many reasons but what would be your highlights (and I don’t mean your hair)?

A. My highlight was playing for the mighty Awakenings in February when they debuted their massive Techno party and awesome production to the UK. I was the only new UK debutant artist I believe on the line up. And to be asked to join the biggest event brand in Techno right now in my home Country, was truly a monster buzz and ticked a massive bucket list tick for me personally as an artist.

Q. Of course, we are happy you agreed to taking the “Acid Test”, and of course you had a great release called “Acid Bath”, seems to be a recurring theme with you and acid however, how much time does the upkeep of the potato in your garden take?

A. Louis Walsh and Connor McGregor’s allotment experience and advice has to be the reason why my pototoes are as big as my pineapples. Truly blessed to have such good advice from these friends. The Acid content in the water is truly vital in everything i do. Hence why we also had Acid Lines prior to Acid Bath.

Q. Your label “Layer 909” outputs some great music from various artists, what do you look for in your artists and is it true that you make sure every artist buys a pineapple as part of their contract?

A. The connection between the pineapple and what Layer 909 looks for in a track submitted is scarily similar in values. Only artists that have joined layer 909..finally get to understand the connection. As you well know Alan. In all honesty the easiest way to tell what we look for Techno wise for Layer 909 is to check out our back catalogue. There is a story pattern of big room, driving Techno across all of our releases.

Q. What is your daily workload like, could you try keep this clean for the readers?

A. Music, music , music is the simplest way to keep this clean. TOTAL TECHNO MUSIC is my 24 hour day…even when im asleep. And that don’t happen very often.

Q. What can we expect from Phutek in 2017 as a DJ/Artist?

A. Bigger and better tunes…certainly a lot more Original Phutek tracks, I did way too many remixes in 2016. So you will see me take a step back from remixes in 2017. You will see me more on the Dj circuit for sure, 2017 already is looking tasty Dj bookings wise. Also look out for a Layer 909 Arena at a UK festival in the summer also. Very excited about this.

Q. If you were locked in basement with only one song for a week what track would you choose?

A. Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence.

Q. Who would you say is the most influential person you have ever met?

A. Tough one to pick one as I have a few with equal values of influence…but would have to say the late great Tony De Vit. He was the ultimate music professional, and was super talented. And so so humble, helpful and a really nice down to earth guy that helped not just myself when i was younger but so many other people. He always had time to advise or help, and as an artist and Dj was truly a one off. Just to watch him on the decks especially was special. He was by far the best mixer i have ever witnessed in my time, and he had a special gift of making tracks sound different when he played them. It was a massive loss to music when he sadly passed in the late 90’s.


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