The Acid Test

Issue 102 Blue Amazon

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Blue Amazon has been well known and associated to quality since 90’s. Originally tagged as one of the leaders of the progressive house movement alongside “Sasha & Digweed”, Had a No.1 club single with “No Other Love”, Remixers of “Sasha & Digweed” themselves as well as “Madonna”, Rock stars “Skunk Anansie’, “Placebo” and so many more.

The Blue Amazon album “The Javelin” is still held in high esteem by many but not only as a club influenced album but also a piece of artistic work. There’s been many featured “Blue Amazon” DJ / live gigs around the world and the story increasing just gets bigger …but is BA ready for the acid test?


Q: Progressive / Epic House was huge in the 90s but please be honest was a lot of it over hyped and over lengthened tosh?

A: Yes and no – it started off with the right intentions but then like lots of music trends it gets copied and over produced for the wrong reasons. Yes a lot of it towards the end was crap and started to sound like a soundtrack with drums behind it and I guess it’s missing the point when you need to hire a string quartet in to record club track.

Q: After the 90’s and into early 2000’s Blue Amazon seemed to disappear, what happened were hiding from something?

A: Yes I was on the run from my own sanity for a few years lol Well ok the truth of the matter was, I spent lots of time writing indie / pop songs which I still intend to release in some capacity at some point. There are like a good few albums worth of these songs with vocals recorded down etc.
Then I moved from the UK over to Sydney at which point I didn’t record any music at all and was working as an IT Consultant. I only really started thinking about music again a year after returning from Sydney in about 2010.

Q: Your sound has certainly moved on from where you started out and more techno influenced. Did you feel you needed to do this as Techno is so popular?

A: No, I’ve always been influenced by Techno more than any other genre of club music. The majority of my record collection are techno records and I’ve been collecting them since the early Detroit releases and acid house before that. A lot of early Blue Amazon tacks had a lot of European techno influences. To be honest I’ve often kicked myself for not producing more of what I truly love rather than settling more for music just on the basis of its good. It’s a hard process to change the mentality of producing more stripped down music after being involved with a lot of detailed music.

Q: Your track “And Then The Rainfalls” was it inspired by a Yorkshire monsoon period?

A: Totally lol, seriously though the title came from a good old Yorkshire pissing it down session one Sunday whilst helping a mate move house. I was in the middle of carrying a sofa and it started , and I remember saying“ and then the rain falls” …there you go that was the start of it.

Q: Are you obsessed with the color blue? Blue is also the color of the football team you support, but frankly why would you support “Chelsea”? Is there something wrong with you?

A: Yes blue is my favorite color and its part of a Chelsea football chant. But being frank as you ask
FRANK LAMPARD , what else is there to say.

Q: You have a big red button placed in front of you and if you press it you can eliminate one genre of club music. Which genre would you eliminate and why?

A: I guess Id say EDM just because everyone who actually likes music hates it, but there are probably a few of bits that could also go too.

Q: No sitting on the fence here, did you vote Brexit or remain?

A: I didn’t vote at but I would have preferred remain. I don’t get too wrapped up in politics and other dramas like that. Call me crap if you like be there’s never a real lot we can do about these things so better to focus on things you can help / change.

Q: What plans and projects do you have coming up.

A: Well I’ve been busy with my personal life and the birth of my Son recently but I’ll be re saddling up shortly with a number of new tracks and remixes. I’ve been also working with fellow artist “Zak Gee” a bit more and we have some exciting bits n pieces in pipeline ….2017 here we go

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