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The Director’s Chair Label Manager Interview 104 with Jewel Kid


Jewel Kid is one of the biggest imports from Malta and has taken the music world by storm
in the last 5 years. He’s played at some of the biggest events all over the world and had some very prevalent releases. He’s an artist whose work is full of flair, uniqueness and compounded into an energised techno output.  You can find his music featured on all the hot tech influenced labels including his own imprint “Alleanza” which also features other great artist s such as “Mauro Picotto”, “Pig&Dan”,”Loco & Jam” “Popof, “Enrico Sangiuliano”, “ Misstress Barbara” and more!

We took a few moments to briefly catch up with Jewel and find out what’s happen in his hectic world at the moment.


Q1. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Jewel, it’s been an amazing development for you and “Alleanza” since 2011. How did it all take shape and what’s was the motivation / inspiration behind the label?

Hi Guys, and thanks for having me. I think the sheer passion and dedication my team and I have had towards out work has echoed a genuine and authentic result over the past 5 years. What we do emulates from deep within us and we always do our best to try and let the art speak for itself.

Q2. With some big releases and a milestones hit for the label you must be proud of how things have progressed.  Was it hard for you to attract such key established artists to the label in the beginning?

I think it was very beneficial that I had already built a name for myself before opening up the label, because by then I had a credible network of artists that I could reach out to try and get on-board the label.

Q3. In the current digital domain there is so many other labels out there, does “Allenza” try to offer something different in the marketplace?

We believe we do when one considers that we stand right in between what I’d like to call the “Beatport” techno and the pure industrial techno. We aren’t too fashionable to be considered as mainstream and neither too scarce to be treated as pure underground. We feel that Alleanza now stands in a very delicate place in between both sectors, a zone which we appreciate and strive to keep progressing while not being pulled from either side.

Q4. You must receive an abundance demos each week, how does a new artist grab your attention with their music and gain your support?

I get a lot of help from our label A&R Lenny, who filters down the best of the bunch from which we then choose what we think might work on the label. These days we have a schedule of Alleanza artists who appear on the label each year, so now a new artist has to be much more effortful than before to get signed onto the label. But still every now and then someone exceptional does pop up, capturing our attention and immediately snatches an Alleanza contract.

Q5. One of the issues a lot of DJ / producers and label owners face is their workload between activities.  How do you manage the different aspects of you career as well running a record label, radio shows, and label nights? Do you have a team working with you with different roles?

I would probably only be doing music if it wasn’t for the team that I have today. Our manager Cheryl and head of A&R Lenny are my 24/7 associates but then we have a radio guy, a designer, an engineer, a PR lady and tens of agents all around the world.
Q6. With the digital music marketplace being so saturated. Do you have any particular methods for keeping the label noticed amongst the masses?

We try to stay away from having any methods that could interfere with our instincts. I think by now our followers have realized how spontaneous we could be, especially with our releases. We do believe in consistency but being unmechanical is what we put beforehand. 

Q7. If you could sign any artist tomorrow that you haven’t done already, who is the one artist that you would love to have on the label?

My mind erupts with this thought but to be honest I’m very glad about the schedule of artists we managed to get on the label for the next 10 months. 2017 already has some of my all-time Alleanza favourites coming up for release and I can’t wait to share with our followers.

Q8. Lots of labels are consistently trying to expand into other areas outside of just digital releases. Do you have any plans for taking “Alleanza” down any different avenues?

Having an on-going schedule of vinyl releases has been one of our main ambitions for 2017, and with our first Alleanza vinyl being released last year we are now largely ecstatic that we have just signed a vinyl deal with one of the main distributors in the industry –    

Q9. There are still a proportion of music fans that believe that vinyl could be revived as format vs digital. Do you think from a label perfective this is possible and would you consider physical format releases on “Alleanza”

Digital will always win over format with how things are moving today, but the enthusiasm of vinyl consumers is incomparable and untouchable. A small society that is pure, authentic and connected.

Q10. Finally we wish you all the best for 2017 but could please share any of your plans for the label and yourself for the year ahead.

Jewel Kid presents Revolt is one of the main concepts that we will be launching this year, which consists of a string of exclusive raves that we will be hosting all around the globe. We have a whole lot of projects to look forward to this year, from Jewel Kid releases on new intriguing techno labels to shows in some of the coolest clubs around. All is very thrilling for us and with the new booking and management agency we’re about to launch it is looking quite clear that 2017 will be our favourite year to date.    


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