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Drunken Kong

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Artist Interview with Drunken Kong by DaGeneral

Drunken Kong are in my opinion the hottest and most influential musical export coming from Tokyo. With massive releases on very established labels such as Terminal M, Tronic, Loose Records, and Natura Viva! There is nothing stopping this very well balanced duo from staying at the top of Techno music for the coming years.

As DJ’s the team have had success in both Japan and across Europe gaining worldwide lasting fans with their charisma and energy they bring to the scene.

Being a big fan and supporter of their music it was an honour for myself (DaGeneral) to touch base and learn a little more about what they are up to and what makes them tick.

Q1. Thanks very much for taking the time to chat! I understand you both had a musical background before Drunken Kong, so please enlighten me on what your background was and how your collaboration as Drunken Kong began?

Hello. Hope you are doing well. Yes, we both have musical background. I have been producing music for a while and also spent time as an engineer. Kyoko has been a DJ for a long time and she was also producing parties here in Japan. We first met at a friends party, and I was Djing that night and she was interested in the music I was playing and thats how we started talking.

Q2. You have been doing well in Japan making the Techno scene your own before landing your European tour and are truly “International DJs”. What is the main differences you noticed between Asia and Europe’s club scene, and what was the main highlights on both continents?

Well, we think Japan Techno scene is slowly growing. Japanese people really like electronic music but at the moment we feel the younger generation is limited to listening to only certain styles of Techno since we don’t have many big outdoor festivals with massive lineups. Its slowly growing, but still not enough. We hope this will change in the near future. We felt Europe is the other way around. There is so much electronic music, parties and festivals, and the energy from the people is amazing!

Q3. On the DJ front was coming up in 2017 any exciting news you can let us know about, and what targets goals may you have set for yourselves if any?

We are currently working on our first album for Tronic. Its a new challenge for us so and we are very excited about it. It should be out sometime in the summer and we hope to do an album tour this year.

Q4. On the production front I am a big admirer of your work, and you guys are on fire at the minute. What’s the process behind what you guys do? Do you have certain equipment of plugins that you think are key in the studio at the moment?

First of all, we are a big fan of Logic. We currently use Logic 9 as our main sequencer and we sync this with Ableton. When producing, we like to use both analog gears and software plugins. Our favourite synth is King Korg. It maybe surprising but we definitely need this when producing. For software, we use a lot of Synapse Audio `s VST Synth, Dune and Ohm Force`s Ohmboyz Delay. We use Ohmboyz on every track we make!

Q5. With some massive releases on Terminal M and Tronic, and many more which is an excellent feat by itself, you guys must be proud? In a saturated market, what do you think is the unique part of Drunken Kong that spurns top music on a consistent basis that keeps the fan base wanting more?

We are very happy to be releasing on big labels such as Tronic and Terminal M. Its really really amazing for us!! As for our tracks, we focus on developing our own style. We love so many artist/ DJs and we are constantly inspired by their music. We try to incorporate this but we make sure it sounds like us. We also really focus on the groove. This is something we spend the most time on. This is the most important part for us.

Q6. It’s been an excellent 2 years for you in the studio what exciting things can we expect in 2017, maybe a Drunken Kong album?

Yes definitely an album. We also have an exciting remix work we did for Christian Smith which will released sometime in spring. It was a great honour for us to make a remix for him and we are happy with the result.

Q7. How would you describe your sound, and how would you say your sound has evolved since 2010?

We would say our sound is energetic and groovy. Since 2010, we feel we are more focused on our direction. In 2010, we were just playing around and experimenting different styles, but now we now what we want.

Q8. If you could collaborate with any artist past of present who would it be and why?

Christian Smith – we really love his work and have been a long time fan. Victor Ruiz – his production is great and we really play a lot of his music.

Q9. Thanks again for your time was a pleasure and great getting to know you better! Can you share any coming plans with us? Some exciting news to tantalise our fans tastebuds?

Album release!!! 🙂 We also plan to be back in Europe for another tour during summer. We really look forward to this!

Thank you. Have a great day!

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