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Ajit Sarathi

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Artist interview with Ajit Sarathi by Blue Amazon


India is certainly one of the emerging clubbing destinations in the clubbing world right now and “Ajit Sarathi’ is at the forefront of it. He’s a DJ who’s developed from the ever-growing “Delhi” scene with real dedication and individual drive.


Music is very much life for this talented DJ who has really spent the time and love to develop that important grounding of understanding sound and how to manipulate it in the correct way. There’s no gimmick or marketing ploys required with “Ajit” as technology meets music passion and a dynamic / sophisticated taste for future bound club grooves.

In recent years he’s also been quite heavily involved with club development and tour organizing whilst importing some of the hottest DJ talents to India.

We managed to catch up with Ajit for a unique insight to what’s happening in India right now, his involvement and what can be expected in future.




1. First of all, “Ajit welcome to Se-Lek-Music. Lets get started by building a bit of a picture of your background. I believe you originally started DJing quite young and was a Hip hop DJ? Can you please tell us more about that, your beginnings and describe how your involvement in the club scene begun.

A :- It’s a pleasure being a part of this interview. To start with I would like to confess that I was never good at academics ; however as I was trained in Indian classical music, and therefore was inclined to do something in the field of music. At an early age I started listening to old skool hip-hop and bands from late 90’s. This combined with my love for clubbing inspired me to become a dj. With much encouragement from my parents I joined a dj school and within a span of 3 days I was fortunate enough to assist a renowned Dj (Vikram Seam) in the country and that was just the beginning.


2. The Indian scene from a distance looks like its really taken shape in recent years compared to say the late 90s. What are your thoughts on this and is there still resistance from an older generation?
A :- There is definitely a transition in music scene from the 90’s with new genres of music gaining entry and popularity in India. Also due to digital media all genre’s of music is easily accessible unlike the 90’s or early 2000. Since music is considered the universal language there is no scope of resistance from the older generations because at the end of the day its all about our love for music.


3. More home-grown Indian DJs are making their voices heard in recent times, do you think the digital revolution helped Indian DJs by allowing more access to music and methods of playing rather than say the vinyl days?
A:- It has definitely had a positive effect on the exposure level and reachability for Indian dj’s on a global level. However the charm of mixing tracks manually through vinyl/cdj’s is a totally different ballgame compared to the usage of softwares for mixing. Its always good to see dj’s using softwares the way its supposed to be used.


4. Indian electronic music producers have also become more prevalent in recent times with artist like “Arjun Vagale” at the forefront. Who else is making their way in India that we should be checking out?
A :- Its really commendable of Arjun Vagale to have ushered in the Techno scene around the globe. There are lot of upcoming producers namely SHFT, KOHRA, FILM, PRAVEEN ACHARY, SEQU3L to name a few who are producing quality music.


5. As a DJ yourself your sound has really moved along with the times but how would you describe your DJing style and what you play now?
A:- I have evolved with time and so has my sounds. I used to play really uplifting progressive sounds a decade back and now i focus on creating a journey with no one particular genre. My sets include different style of music depending on how and when its being played.


6. You are quite heavily involved in coordinating / arranging short DJ tours for international DJs in India such as “ Dave Seaman “, “ Jamie Stevens “, “ Stelios Vassiloudis “, Alberto Ruiz” and more. Can you please tell us more about this and your motivation / goal here?
A :- I would not call myself a promoter but as i have been inspired by these Legends and their love for music, i had always hoped to dj alongside them. Fortunately i have succeeded in doing the same and im extremely grateful for the learnings i have received during my stint with these inspirations. Also my goal is to take their music to the masses especially in the Indian clubbing scene. The atmosphere when they play live is absolutely electric which is what i would want people to be a part of.


7. On a personal level you are quite active in Buddhism, is Buddhism quite a popular practice in India and is this something that helps you achieve your own goals in life?
A:- Im a firm believer and follower of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism as it helps me maintain a high life condition. Im among those 1000’s of members practicing this noble philosophy of instilling faith in humanity and world peace. Buddhism has had a very positive influence on my life since it encourages me face every obstacle and challenges in my life’s journey.


8. Back to the DJing side of things, what have been your highlights whilst DJing the over the past few years?
A :- In early 2000 i’ve had a series of quality gigs few of which involved playing with Blue Amazon (HAHA) until recently where i have shared the decks with the likes of Digitaria, Dave Seaman, Stelios Vassiloudis, Jamie Steven’s and many more. Im also a part of dj duo called Amalgamates and have played numerous stellar gigs over the past 10 years. I have been lucky to play for some amazing crowd across India.


9. Who are the hot artists and labels you are enjoying the most right now?
A :- At present im very much digging music from labels like Selador, Diynamic , Microcastle Music, Noir Music, Innervisions to name a few. Im really connecting to the music produced by Lee Van Dowski, Moonwalk, Cristoph, Stelios Vassiloudis, Frankey & Sandrino, Ruede Hagelstein.


10. Can you please share any of your activities and plans for the rest of the year?
A:- Im really looking forward to playing at multiple International venues across the globe as well as in India. A few high points and highlights of 2017 includes playing with Quivver, Dave Seaman, Blue Amazon (Se Lek India Tour) with more gigs and tours to be disclosed shortly.


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