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The Selador Showcase – The Fifth Element

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Artist: Various – Title: The Selador ShowcaseThe Fifth Element
Label: Selador – Release Date: Beatport Pre Order now – Cat: SEL064

Kiz Pattison rated 9/10

Selador, since its beginning in 2013 has quickly established itself as a one of the big labels

Its a go to labels for many progressive house & techno heads alike, a label that has managed to perfectly blur the lines between the two house music sub genres…
This latest showcase album title ‘The Fifth Element’ is no different, what ever your stance on progressive house or techno, Selador have pulled together an album that has more than enough tracks for everyone…

1st up the legend that is Quivver teams up with the legend that is Funk’d’Void. Both artist have made their mark with ‘Dual State’ – Mr John Graham brings along his typical mesmerising percussion which is met with some dark grooves, and a nice almost growling baseline riff effortless pulls this track along, add light but haunting synth, and vocal stabs with some filtered effects running through out and you have a progressive house floor destroyer.

2nd track on the album comes from the awesome Florian Kruse with ‘Homebound’ the melodic hook in this track is just epic, subtle changes along the way, really nice electric sounding rising strings lead the way to a cool break before simple yet excellent pads and more melodic synths roll up into a great understated drop, played at the right time in a set, this track will be a favorite this summer.

Track 3 brings the genius that is Stelios Vassiloudis. I honestly don’t think this guy has made a track that I didn’t like.. this time around ‘Burn’ is a proper slab of cool filthy dark techno, almost tribal hint to the percussion with what feels like random gnarly gritty type pads bouncing long a very rhythmical dirty (in a good way) sounding track.
Think this might be just edging it as favorite from the showcase…

Affkt brings track 4 with ‘Cliff’ – I really like this track, it’s a quite mellow progressive track, nice simple keys create the Melody to this with subtle key changes here and there, building up more energy as the track goes along, there’s a nice almost acidic baseline undertone that runs through the track which is really cool, on top of that some rolling crashing kicks add to this builder of a track. This is a really cool understated track.

‘Ici Ou Allieurs’ by Acumen is track 5. I take it back this is my favorite from the album…
it’s got everything acidic 303’s nice techno groove, epic atmospheric strings, and well arranged. Not much to say about this. It simply put a peak time monster.

The penultimate track ‘Seven Ways’ Jamie Stevens delivers a fine piece of progressive techno dark growling pads, over the top of tribal rhythmical percussion, some really nice melodic keys add to the hypnotic nature of the track. Despite clocking in at 9m 13s this track pulls you right in and is over before you know it.
ok so I’ve got 3 favorite tracks now.

Finally is brilliantly named Flowers and the Sea Creatures with the equally brilliantly title ‘Blades Nokturne’ this is a nice deeper affair, smoother pads and a slow piano create an almost ambient feel to this, nothing flashy or over the top with this, less is definitely more, great deeper mellow end to a great album.

To sum it up, with the fifth element showcase, Selador have hit the nail on the head. 7 tracks that just work perfectly. In fact, if you only had a hour or so long set to play, just take your virtual record box with just this album loaded, its all you need to leave you and the dance floor perfectly happy with what they have heard.

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