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Kaiserdisco & Rob Hes – RAW 022

By 27th June 2017 No Comments

Artist – Kaiserdisco & Rob Hes – Title – RAW 022

Label – KD RAW – Release Date – Beatport Excusive now – Cat – KDRAW022


Kaiserdisco & Rob Hes is a mouth-savoring project that’s going to spark a frenzy amongst global techno followers.

German based “Kaiserdisco” are champions of both the techno and tech house scene and its very unlikely if you follow either of these genres that you haven’t heard of them. They have been relentless over the years with quality after quality of power-play productions that have featured on the who’s who of underground techno labels.

Rob Hes like wise is a formidable force in the global techno domain and has released an abundance of music that’s left more than just a mark on the scene but rather embossed a permanent dent.

Their both supremely respected artists and continue to grow in stature year by year whilst supported by the majority of the industry Techno hitters. Labels such as Tronic, Octopus, Drumcode, Unrilis, 100% pure are just a few they have featured on.

This collaborative release is one that also marks the 3rd Year anniversary of the label KD RAW which many will know is also the creation and management of “Kaiserdisco”.

The label is very modern Techno driven label that is quite reflective of Kaiserdisco themselves as artists. It’s a label full of purposeful tech movers that equal the quality of a lot of the labels these artists have featured on.

Getting into the track we are first presented with “Stardust”. This kicks into action as expected with a deep weighted kick and classic off beat techno hats. It’s got a building undertone that develops into a kind of dark creepy riff.

Further Percussive elements are added to keep you intrigued as the track builds with intensity. It’s definitely a track that will sound huge over a big system with hidden qualities you wont initially pick up on.

Next we have “No Lack Of Void’, this is a little bit more percussive from the outset than the prior but similar it the way it develops in arrangement. Again it features a gradually introduced creeping synth line that not only gives you an hypnotic feel to hold on to but also a sense of atmosphere.

It further builds seamlessly retaining a focus, edge and dynamics.

Synopsis, a great collaborative project that also delivers the chemistry leaving you wanting to hear more from these two world class artists.

Blue Amazon Rated 8/10