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Christian Nielsen – Homeland

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Artist – Christian Nielsen– Title – Homeland
Label – Kling Klong – Release Date – 2017-06-05 – Cat – KLING120


Copenhagen born Christian Nielsen has found favoured success with Kling Klong giants with his E.P Homeland!

4 Tracks that describe this artist in diversity and capability as this ep introduces a varied set of styles. From Jackin house styled techno to funky dark rhythm!


First off we have Homeland – Original Mix

It’s no surprise why this artist has been snapped up by the giants over at Kilin Klong! already from the first hit of the kick we can hear just how fine tuned things are going to be! Strong punchy hard hitting yet snappy kicks are coupled with sonic sounding subs that follow into progressive almost angel like vocals. Tender arps surround the top areas of our mix whilst a decling introduces some 90’s styled synth shots. Clean hats with a bite take us through to the next phase where you will find very well spaced out FX and continued arp genius! – Keep em coming!

Next up – Enter The Sunrise

Once again a very strong and very well EQ’D kick drum takes us through the intro stages coupled with atmospherics and almost to the front claps. An almost 2000’s styled vocal and some funky synth stabs with added slide and delay pan guide us to breakdown. Things get even more funky and progressive. Depth has been highlighted as careful use of some high toned string lines are placed over the already shaped up and rounded low mid/sub region. Funky fresh tech! yes please!

Moving on we have – Hold Me Down – Original Mix

Tribal styled percussion doing its thing as we enter. Subtle controlled stabs centred whilst vocal shots take us to lush kick & bass. Funk takes place as we progress and our sub shapes things nicely with great movement. Dark almost chorused warped vocals remind us that we are on the land of tech and rises introduce a funky tech drop! Steady rhythm and groove throughout and a sense of posture and stability takes place mid way. Hats are hazy and subtle. Vocals keep pouring in and keep things very funky indeed in a very techno manner. More of this I would appreciate!

The final track on this release – Let It Go – Original Mix

Snappy and tight kick reels us into tech mode which leads into a tight funky drop with dark vocal shots that we are beginning to become used to with this artist. FX are really showing a strong presence as they guide us to drop. EQ work really standing out as things become very talented and creative. Ping Pong FX are subtle and perfect to the nature of the track. Drums are placed perfectly. This track could be used as a bridge, and introduction or end to any unique set performed by any artist! – A very well produced track with so many characters at work. – Well done!

Vinyl FX , verb, delay, control, tight, kick & bass… need i go on? this E.P has surely introduced you to the many sounds of tech. There really are no boundaries! an awesome release and a very well deserved salute!

Support this artist and the kings at Kling Klong by purchasing this superb release!

Craig Brogan Rating 9/10