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Clint Stewart – LILA

By 4th July 2017 No Comments

Artist – Clint Stewart – Title – LILA
Label – Terminal M – Release Date – 2017-06-19– Cat – TERM142


Ahh my favourite day! time to review another release and this time from the very impressive Clint Stewart with his latest E.P LILA. This release has 3 beautiful tracks that will surely demonstrate exactly what this man is all about! Lush emotional tech! what more could you ask for!

Clint Stewart, a core artist on Pan-Pot’s Second State label and underground enthusiast! having already dominated underground clubs and warehouses within sanfransico and following on from his djing career has now released an exceptional amount of his own productions making waves all around the world!


First on the LILA E.P we have Breathe – Original Mix

No messing around with slow intros on this track as we are taken straight into rolling arps and solid kick & bass. Progression takes control of this track early on and continues forward with colour and shine. Very well placed dark synth hits guide us to breakdown where you will find beautifully controlled key changes, the art of quietness is utilised as our very well composed breakdown leads to our drop which introduces interesting melody work and continued progression. Emotions can be felt throughout the entire track. A story is at work here and by jolly you can feel it!

A very well produced track with passion being felt throughout! great work!


Next we have a very powerful remix on the original of Breathe by Timmo

A no nosense policy has just been placed! This remix kicks off with some power, kick and bass really hammering home with punch and glamour. A little more bang than what the original had introduced. Energy starts to pour through as things progress and the use of spacing has been used perfectly well. Things are starting to get a little wider and uplifting! a constant flow of techno vibes just keep pouring through as we approach breakdown where you can feel some really spread phatt bass! from the drop onwards you can expect a lot of energy before a decline to the outro takes place.

What a great remix this is! exaclty what the original should be accompanied with! again great work!

Ok so onto the final track on this release known as Let Go another original from Clint Stewart

Already I can genuinely say that this track is right up my street! things are dark and very satisfying, progression and smooth transitions with beautifully placed sounds already grasp our attention! Synths enter the realm and add even more flavour to what sets out to be an awesome track! Kick & Bass are keeping a very steady flow throughout and with having great use of panning keeps things very interesting. No one is sitting down here! a very clever track which later introduces an almost vocal styled synth that pans from left to right creating a very lush atmosphere! added are some strings to uplift the atmosphere as we roll forward to our drop. Just when you thought we had already heard what was on offer things get even more interesting as a magical melody of sound just runs along the top of the track with key changes that once again spell out ”emotions”.

Damn!! what an awesome little track that was! I would love to hear more of this wouldnt you?

Well there we have it! another awesome release from the never slowing down on passion and emotion Clint Stewart! I had great fun checking out this release and I hope you do to! support Mr Stewart here and purchase yourself what is clearly an awesome E.P! I wouldnt dare select a favourite as all tracks offer exactly what a release should!

Craig Brogan Rating 9/10