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Dave Sinner – Denial Stage

By 8th July 2017 No Comments

Artist – Dave Sinner – Title – Denial Stage
Label – Loose Records – Release Date – 2017-06-30 – Cat – LR062


Dave Sinner for those of you who are new to this artist is a Barcelonian musician who has had success with Adam Beyers Drumcode! doesnt that tell you something? yes,,, it does doesnt it! he also introduces his own brand ‘Selected’ founded 2015.

Today we introduce the Denial Stage E.P

3 Original tracks from the man himself, no remixes required as this artist has clearly nailed each mix to a fine tuned freq!


Naturally we have our first track known as Denial Stage – Original Mix

A boosted mid sound on the kick already sees us pounding through the intro of this track with rustic shine on the hats followed by mid to low-mid shots of bass synth that stear clear of clutter by carefull EQ. Progression takes over and leads us to some clever claps and dominant strings to warm up the mix. Breakdown offers phatt dark synth and rolling arps controlled with awesome sidechain techniques. FX are spread and colourful. The drop offers the dominant factors here which are stong clean kick and carefully placed synth work. Progression continues throughout and leads to a careful transition of decline to a close.

Phatt basses, controlled snare hits and claps. Hats to add rythm and awesome depth! isnt that enough? Ok well lets thrown in some very well EQ’D vocals that add even more darkness! Perfect!

Now then number 2 on this release Silver Shiver – Original Mix

Thump! Kick and bass has already introduced themselfs as a dominant factor in this dispaly of sound. Vocal shot delays appear and then expand from one shot hits to a dominant statement! and then? we drop! with trippy arps and techno induced bliss that enourages the feeling of ”Oh shit, I wanna dance” correct! something is uppon us and the ambience on this track suggests your in full motion of rhythm! where do we go? destination dancefloor! this track gets busy in every good way!

Well then. The final track on this E.P Damage Control

Oh yes! A very strong kick drum and sub takes us through the early stages of this track with some awesomely produced vocals. It may be time to throw in another signature sound, oh wait im too late! so many great sounds have entered the mix which continue to increase the viability of this seed! spotlight shots of bass and mid sound synths cover the floor in a heaven of phatt techno sound! Vocal use is absolutely perfect on this track! the atmosphere this track provides is superb! drums, claps and hats are simply perfect throughout the entire piece of music!

If you wanna damage the floors use a hammer! if you wanna damage the dancefloor audience with awesome sound selection and brilliant production then play this track! I know I will.

Another awesome release that is sure to fill the dancefloors all over! I look forward to hearing more from this artist as im sure you guys will too! Pop over to your nearest digital store and purchase this floor filler release and as always guys. Keep it tech 😀

Craig Brogan Rating 9/10