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Mazai & Olesia Bond – Illusion

By 17th July 2017 No Comments

Artist – Mazai & Olesia Bond – Title – Illusion
Label – ICONYC – Release Date – 2017-07-17– Cat – 238W124

Today the sun is shining and what better way to enhance on that than to review yet again another awesome release and this time from Mazai & Olesia Bond with a debut release on ICONYC. The new single titled Illusion sees a worldwide release on this very day 17-07-17.

Mazai & Olesia Bond – Illusion (Original Mix)

Kick , percussion and warm basslines start the track off in a very progressive manner. As the track continues the colour on the basslines start to shine through and lift us to more layers which enhance and enrich the already stable sound. Snare fills and shakers keep things moving very dominanlty. Synth stabs arrive and everything starts to rise carefully and soft as other elements are introduced. Energy is flowing and the progression is hot! all instruments really working like a band would. The attention spent on the rise and overall decline throughout the track is just nailed!

A very progressive and warm track which will surely be getting test driven by myself this coming weekend!

Mazai & Olesia Bond – Illusion (CJ Peeton Remix)

A solid kickdrum and atmospherics introduce this track in true progressive style. The spacing on the sharp hitting synth stabs is perfect! lots going on in the background as far as strings and FX. Depth has been achieved to a great standard here. Melodies start to sway around in the mix panning from side to side generating life. Summer has landed by breakdown! hands in the air for some beautifully composed synth work that generates a lot of energy and passion. Things rise and decline in a very smooth transitional manner. Busy yet calm sounds take us to our own little world of blissfull beats.

An outstanding remix from CJ Peeton. Enhancing on the progression that was included in the original and realy pushing darkness into the mix.

Mazai & Olesia Bond – Illusion (Blue Amazon Remix)

Life is injected from the beginning of this remix. A sharp shooting kick drum accompanied by warm basslines that are EQ’D so brilliantly well. Clean and clear sounds pour over us as progression takes control. We arrive on breakdown with an awesome set of phatt sounding lead hits that add an abundance of colour, shape, groove and rythm. Perfectly placed FX Slides add amazing depth. Spacing on sounds as you could imagine are very well done and the entire track as a whole carries so much character and remains very interesting. With so many new sounds being introduced so well as the track unfolds it is such a shame to have the track come to an end. Replay.

Mazai & Olesia Bond – Illusion (Kiz Pattison Alternate Thought Mix)

A perfectly EQ’D kick drum grabs our attention straight away which is then surrounded by outstanding percussion work to fill things out. FX style vocal shots dart from side to side as well as various other FX which add a very sinister presence. The track carries with it a very strong atmospheric set of sounds. The melody stabs smoothly enter the mix and keep things soft yet powerfull. Carefull detail has been spent on the overall atmosphere, it is so easy to become lost in the music at this stage as everything just flows around beautifully. Great EQ work sees this track shine bright.

A calmer take on things from Kiz Pattison with more attention being placed to the dynamics and atmosphere overall. A very well produced track with strong vibes.

What a great way to introduce yourself than to offer such a release as this to ICONYC. I can only see greater things being produced by these guys and all the remixes selected to take part on the Illusion release are spot on! well done to all who have worked on this release. All the links you require to purchase these tracks are provided so don’t let me hold you back 🙂

Craig Brogan Rating 9/10