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Metodi Hristov – Dots EP

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Artist – Metodi Hristov – Title – Dots Ep
Label – Terminal M – Release Date – Beatport Exclusive – Cat – TERM143
Metodi Hristov is back on Terminal M with a touch of class
“Metodi Hristov” productions are quite relentless across the electronic music domain with lots of purpose and quality.

He originates from Bulgaria and is one of the most consistent out there in terms of release scheduling, hitting all the great underground labels and featuring on the who’s who of DJs set lists.

His sound is often quite varied with a mix of unique influences that makes it his own whilst touching into the areas of Classic House, Deep House, Tech house and of course Techno as illustrated here.
I believe this is now his fourth featured release on Terminal M with other titles springing to mind such as “Analog Rain, Reflex Ep with Stefano Noferini and the excellent Ariel vs Spider man release”.

Terminal M are also very relentless in quality, consistency and are really taking centre stage with an outstanding release schedule, and sound that is so much more than what might be just pigeonholed as Techno.

Getting into the tracks, we have the title track “Dots” first which is nothing but superb. It kicks into action in true techno fashion with a reverberated kick drum, panning fx and rolling hats.

A dark bassline is introduced that really has a 90’s Sven Vath hypnotic flowing feel about it and its super hypnotic drawing you in the more you listen. Further FX and stabs are introduced which are nicely work around the groove and carefully arranged / placed.

I’ve already had the pleasure of playing this out to a dedicated crowd on a big system and it completely rocks with presence.

Next we have the tile “Sirius” which is more of a deeper rounded groove from the outset and reminiscent of other “Metodi” productions. Once again its very hypnotic and worked around groove with subtle overlays that keeps the interest as you nod your head in succession.

Its perfectly groove driven dub loved music that keeps you locked and fantastic for DJs to play / mix.

The third and final track on this EP is “Prometheus” this one again has the that deeper rounded groove but more detailed than the prior with intensity. There are lots of chord and stab type elements that are neatly embedded to the groove leaving the drums / bass as a prominent feature.

Its dark in its own way without being obvious and its deeper moody edge is emphasised in places with padded elements.

Synopsis, One of the best groove driven EPs you will find out there at present. Its got depth, sonically quality and intensity where needed. Another winner for Monika Kruse & Terminal M

Blue Amazon Rated 9/10