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Anthony Castaldo – Abstract Sunset

By 23rd August 2017 No Comments

Artist – Anthony Castaldo – Title – Abstract Sunset

Label – Unrilis – Release Date – Pre Order now – Cat – UNRILIS033

Anthony Castaldo is the latest on Unrilis with a very potent techno 3 tracker.

Its seems a while since I reviewed a release on Unrilis but have little fear this is a label that rarely sleeps and has still been very active in my absence.

Their recent releases have included no other than “Felix Krocher” with his Ep title “Savior” and the awesome various artist mini artist album titled “The Blokk Vol.3” that featured artists “Hollen, Balthazar & JackRock, Dave Sinner & also Anthony Castaldo”.

The quality of these release are exceptional and if by chance you missed them, well jump over to their Beatport store for a listen – HERE

So – Anthony Castaldo is the main feature here and an artist who is very much hot on the radar . He originates form Naples which is the home base of Unrilis and seems very much a breeding ground for talented artists.

I personally didn’t know much about Antony as an artist myself but after a doing little bit of digging I was pleasantly surprised to hear some quality driven productions that included collaborative projects with acts such as – “Luigi Madonna, Markantonio, Roberto Capuano and Dubspeeka”. You can also find him featured on labels such as “Funk n Deep, AnalyticTrail, Stick recordings, Renesanz as well as Unrilis” itself.

Getting to the tracks this 3 tracker it starts with the title track of the EP “Abstact Sunset”.

This is track that gets straight to a deep rolling action from the outset. It wastes no time in setting the mood with a looping type rhythmic chord whilst the percussive elements build the arrangement.

It gradually induces more transient elements but used in a modern context with that almost Sasha meets Techno sound. Its very absorbing, hypnotic and keeps mesmerized throughout.

Next its – “Concept Of Infinity” which has more of a futuristic feel about as it starts with a bleepy type aggregator and a moving Sci-fi esque sound. It quickly builds to being more groove orientated and features a squelchy top riff witch is a bit reminiscent of the 90’s Warp Records type releases.

There’s a lot more intensity in this one and it certainly qualifies as brain food for the accomplished Techno listener.

The third track is titled – “Many Reasons” and more of a stripped Techno driven piece.
Its still features the mood melodic elements that seem to be a signature sound of “Anthony Castaldo but also faster stabbing synth punches embedded into the groove.

Its quite emotive in is building structure and gets bigger as it moves along and once again very absorbing.

Synopsis, another winner for Unrilis and by an artist who I feel is someone we will be hearing lots about in the not too distant future

Blue Amazon Rated 8.5/10