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Various Artists – Pear Tree Revisions

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Artist – Various Artists –Title – Pear Tree Revisions
Label – Tulipa Recordings – Release Date – 2017-09-08 – Cat – TULIPA183

Well hello there, it must be review day once again. Today we will be reviewing an outstanding compiled little album released on Tulipa Recordings. Pear Tree Revisions.

The following set of tracks are remixes from the originals, tho I guess by now you worked that one out already since the title states revisions, hah! or perhaps you are familiar with the originals already which in any case is a bonus for you as today you can check out whats new and improved. This is the third set of revisions from Tulipa Recordings as they have previously released Maple Tree Revisions & Oak Tree Revisions.

We can expect to hear productions from John debo, Chris Fortier, D.Diggler, Blue Amazon, Nick Stoynoff, Futur-E, Rob Hes, Austen/Scott and Nomean.

Whilst all the originals were produced by the following: Summer (Brendon Collins) himself plus Luca Doobie, Stelios Vassiloudis & One Of Them, James Harcourt, Dimitri Nakov & BVision, Lutzenkirchen, D-Nox & Beckers, Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito), and Robert Babicz.

Turn up your stereo and enjoy.

Luca Doobie – The Pale King (John Debo Remix)

Superb atmosphere to begin with. The stereo field is used really dynamically. Kick drum arrives with such a strong presence, calm subtle and strong. The perfect vibe has been set with having such a good balance of sound choice and tempo ratio. Great reverb control. Each sound comes full of character and the depth continues to spiral deeper and deeper. A cosmic hypnotic track with a very suitable structure as far as progressiveness goes.

Stelios Vassiloudis & One Of Them – Back & Forth (Chris Fortier Remix)

As we begin we are guided with a snappy hitting and reverb controlled kick drum. FX loops sway around in the back whilst a little more to the front are percussion hits that really keep things strolling along gentle but hot! progression has full control of our journey, synth stabs arrive with excellent delays adding superb depth. Breakdown adds a lot of character as new sounds drive sheer bass through the realm. A gentle and very rhythmatic track.

Summer (Brendon Collins) – Red Giant (D.Diggler Remix)

Kick and sub gel really well as we take off. A steady paced direction is soon enriched with hats that bite at a controlled volume level. The bassline rolls so steady and powerful. Rides soon enter the mix adding a new phrase to the already very stable mix. A very clever VOX slides in from the back spreading right across the field being used as a riser. Synth stabs creep in and out of the mix adding more character. I have to add at this point in the track that the kick and bass still shine through dominantly and very controlled. This track would be a great example of the importance of sound placement as everything never appears to be too busy yet there are so many sounds involved. To finish things off with the review on this track I will add that the progression is simply brilliant!

James Harcourt – Hypnofunk (Blue Amazon Remix)

In true Blue Amazon style we kick of with a very dominant vibe provided by kick and bass. Swing and groove have already took control as things progress. Hats shine bright and direct the way through the mix. Spread and panned synth arps roll around leaving just the perfect amount of space for a new bassline which once arrived adds an abundance of character. The entire mix opens up and comes to life as each new sound enhances on the last! Breakdown introduces subtle acid leads layered with bright and warped synth bliss! the track soon drops and we are in full drive. BA has conducted this beautifully. Those familiar with Blue Amazons style and sound will be well aware of how characteristic his productions become as things progress through his tracks and this track is no different. Superb.

Dimitri Nakov & BVision – Talamanca (Nick Stoynoff Rotel 87 Remix)

An almost music box styled introduction. Crystal hits and FX shots pave the way for the bassline to drop which arrives with some funk. Industrial meets cyber styled percussion keeps things moving. The future styled fx blips continue through the breakdown whilst in front of them we have strong strings keeping things warm. Delays and reverb sit very controlled. Transitions are smooth and with great volume level control. You can expect to hear a lot of very controlled and interesting FX shots and phrases. A very creative and interesting track.

Lutzenkirchen – tieftaucher (Futur-E Remix)

Techno! tribal drums and powerfull bass rolls. Very well placed FX hits pan and surround the mix with colour. Superb transitional work. Detuned synth arps are bright and colourfull and with an almost 80’s vibe. Progression is hot and very interesting. A very well placed vocal styled loop continues to roll a little to the back throughout the entire track which has great reverb control having it sit comfortable enough to remain intact. VOX shots and loops are present and really do seal the track.

Beckers & D-Nox – Sunshine Burger (Rob Hes Remix)

The track starts off with a great sense of direction. A progressive climb in tone on the kick and clap. Suitable power level on the sub. A very tightly closed hat tops off the intro. Shakers ride things carefully to the next phase which also has us introduced to powerfull synth arp work. Phatt sounding bass hits mould the rise to breakdown where yet more arps enter enhancing on the progression. Hypnotic melodies pour across the spectrum in a very detailed manner. Depth is superb. A very well produced track!

Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito) – Godfather (Austen/Scott Sub Dub)

As the title suggests you can expect to hear a penetrating Sub Bass which penetrates the bass bins. Groove holds out strong and the FX add a lot of flavour. Things progress at a gentle pace with smotth transitions and exciting synth stabs which punch through every second beat. The overal mix sits open and colourful. The subs once again are the dominant guide on this tour. If its groove your after then this is the track for you! I will be dropping this track myself very soon!

Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito) – Godfather (Austen/Scott Muscle Mix)

Ok so we have heard the Sub Dub version on this track and now we have the Muscle Mix which starts off with a more dominant kick drum. Sheer power is driving us forward in true techno form here, hats and shakers sparkle the mix whilst the synth stabs keep a bright light guiding us forward. 90’s styled open hats make an appearance and are spread really neatly. techno is the game here and this track is winning.

Robert Babicz – How To Run Away From Yourself (Nomean Remix)

Sharp and tight kick drum hits strong on the intro. Hats are subtle and soft, almost just adding a glaze over the mix. Things become uplifting and energetic. Synth work is awesome! melody work is outstanding and each layer of sound gels tight as one. Breakdown adds some emotion and drive. Some mystery and drama from the choice of sounds used, key changes are composed really well and the things remain very bright and progressive. A very well constructed piece of music.

No more tracks?? awhhh, dang! I was really enjoying this new release from Tulipa Recordings, if you guys enjoyed checking this out as much as I have then there really is only one thing for it! let’s all make our way to our favourite digital download store and purchase this monster release! let me save you some time with your searching. Below you will find a link that will take you directly to the download page for this entire release. Yes I know, I am too good to you guys!

Well unfortunately guys and gals, this review has come to an end, it was a pleasure checking out these aweomse productions and let us not forget that these are the remixes! you guys if you haven’t already done so, will need to go and check out the original work from the artists named at the top of this article. Keep it tech 🙂

Craig Brogan Rating 10/10