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Blue Amazon – What Is Techno

By 14th September 2017 No Comments

Artist – Blue Amazon –Title – What Is Techno
Label – ICONYC – Release Date – 2017-09-11 – Cat – 238W130

Welcome all, everyone will be familiar with the artist Blue Amazon and today we will be reviewing his latest release that goes by the name What Is Techno. Now then, I wonder what we have in store today, Blue Amazon has been on the circuit for quite some time and having releases on labels such as Sony Music, MFS, Se-Lek-Music, Jackpot, Sm:)e Communications, Topaz, Convert Recordings, 7PM.

Blue Amazon aka Lee Softley has shared with the world his outstanding and unforgettable productions. During the 90’s we had No Other Love which had the amazing voice of Vicky Webb and the track soon seen remixes coming in from the likes of Darren Tate which was huge! we also had The Javelin which appeared on the Euphoria II – ‘deeper’ album. The knowledge and technical ability of this artist is simply out of this world and I encourage everyone to stay involved in all the doings of this artist.

Pushing forward we shall now check out the latest release – What Is Techno.

Blue Amazon – What Is Techno (Original Mix)

Solid hitting kick drum as always from BA. The track has a very steady pace and progresses really neatly. Everything seems to be very well controlled. The acid arp within the track takes on the roll of directing the track whilst the synth lead which is shiny bright and wide spread takes control of the main character of the track. The bass is tight and very moving whilst throughout the track the vocal phrase What Is Techno is beautifully equalized and finishes of the track perfectly.

Blue Amazon – What Is Techno (Henek Remix)

A little more power is added to the mix on this piece and we are soon entered into the darker side of techno when all the sounds come together. An awesome atmosphere is produced with phatt sounding bass leads and arps. Panning is controlled and gives out a great sense of space and mystery. Synth shots are slightly filtered adding a little more to the already deep sound. Great use of the original acid arp from the remixer.

Blue Amazon – What Is Techno (Himbrecht Remix)

This track comes a little deeper with superb sub bass providing the groove. Some awesome hat & tops give the track some swing and things gel and bounce along gently. Some piano styled melodic work is present and shares some emotion. It is’nt too long before we are again introduced to the acid sound from the Original Mix which takes things up a notch and becomes very colourful.

Blue Amazon – What Is Techno (Mo’ Funk Remix)

Mo’Funk enhances the movement on this mix and makes great use of the synth work from the Original. Some distortion styled melodics hover around in the back which add to the intensity on the break. The track becomes very funky as the drop hits us and we find ourselves bouncing along in a very fluent manner. Vocal use is superb and the vibe provided by the artist on this mix really stands tall.

There we have it, Blue Amazons latest release What Is Techno which comes bundled with 3 remixes which really add to the package. Which mix was your favourite? share your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to purchase your very own copy of What Is Techno. Keep it tech 🙂

Craig Brogan Rating 9/10