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Der Dritte Raum – Polarized Echoes

By 28th September 2017 No Comments

Artist – Der Dritte Raum – Title – Polarized Echoes

Label – Harthouse – Release Date – Beatport Excusive Now – Cat – HHMA0538

Der Dritte Raum are making the headlines again with their unique EP on the iconic Harthouse label.

Der Dritte Raum need little introduction in the world of electronic club music as they have already made an outstanding contribution to the scene and done it with originality and style.
It’s a production team made up of Frankfurt-based “Andreas Krüger & Ralf Uhrlandt” who also team up as one of the best live acts to originate from Germany.
The Der Dritte Raum sound is something of unique quality as each of their releases has its own signature sonic picture and also quite varied from one track to another. Everybody talks about their cross-genre hitting title “Hale Bopp”, However, if you are not aware I would personally urge you to go seek out their prior release such as “Mental Modulator” and the super class album “ Wellenbad”.
It was very pleasing and surprising to receive a new Der Dritte Raum release as especially as it also outputted on the legendry “Harthouse” label where I believe it all started for this act with the support of “Sven Vath”.
Like many of you out there, I’m sure this is eagerly awaited and from an act that in the modern electronic domain is the closest we have to “Kraftwerk”

Let’s get straight into the tracks with the title track “Polarized Echoes” This from outset is Instantly detectable as Der Dritte Raum. It got their hallmark percussion and synth washes as shuffle style hats give you and instant groove feeling.

As it builds a signature style arpeggiated riff is introduced that some will find similarity’s with “Hale Bopp”, however, it’s a totally different objective here as it’s a cross happy come dark atmosphere, neither really major or minor and full of groove for the floors to the transient listener.

Next, we have – Effect Memory – this has more of an acidic sculpture than the prior but still focused on groove. It’s got more of an arranged structure with melodic building qualities that are ear melting.

Nicely worked gated synth lines are introduced that gives it more of a laidback feel and a nice atmosphere. Its very much House Music of the 90’s for modern ear with pizazz.

The third title on the EP is – Realtime Club – and I bit more of an experiment affair. Its got some great effected percussion and trippy rhythmic quantity that’s totally absorbing.

There’s a great moodiness throughout this one and whilst it still retains good groove quality, you are totally locked into the sythn work that sends you into dream world.

Synopsis, super sonical production quality from an artist we have all been eagerly waiting to hear from. Welcome back Der Driite Raum .

Blue Amazon Rated 10/10