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Blue Amazon – Four Seasons

By 9th October 2017 No Comments

Artist : Blue Amazon – Title: Four Seasons
Label : Se-Lek Musik – Release Date:

Se-Lek Musik have released many quality tracks this year and this remix E.P. of Blue Amazons track ‘Four Seasons’ is no exception to the rule. Once again a few mainstays of the label have come together to provide some top notch tunes making this release very much a family affair which, if you follow Se-Lek Musik, you would’ve noticed that their essence and value behind having a strong family feel who grow together to release quality music is their key.

Blue Amazon – Four Seasons (Blue Amazon & Zak Gee remix) : This remix kicks off with some trippy drums, banging snares and a whole lot of energy straight from the beginning. You can already tell that this track will kick some arse on the dancefloor! This is a real delight with some huge swelling bass sounds and a floating vocal that drifts around the track. For me this is an absolutely immense track that needs to be in any progressive set.

Blue Amazon – Four Seasons (Miki Mad remix) : This version is more stripped back with punchy drums and the vocal used with great effect to create some trippiness behind the track. Big bass stabs come into play on this track which then break into a treat of throbbing bass wonderment.

Blue Amazon – Four Seasons (Hiratzka & Cheung remix) : This remix is sleek, stylish and super cool. A wide range of great production technique all put together to create and aural treat. A cross breed somewhere between tech house and progressive house. Such a great remix!!

Blue Amazon – Four Seasons (DaGeneral & Bageera) : And now were in the territory of DaGeneral & Bageera who have been behind many decent releases already this year and have been one of the mainstays of Se-Lek Musik. Their version brings something totally different to the release and they’ve put their remix firmly into the house side of things. Really smooth production with licks of the vocals sweeping around the track, cool strings and a smooth bassline dominate the track. This version is summer on a plate!!

Yet another stunning release from the Se-Lek Music stable, definitely worthy of a solid 8.5/10. A must have for any DJ sets as it’s such a versatile release. Well done Se-Lek Musik!!!!

Carl Antony Rating: 8.5/10