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Dave Seaman – Control Freak

By 22nd November 2017 No Comments

Artist – Dave Seaman – Title – Control Freak
Label – Selador – Release Date – 27th November 2017 – Cat – SEL075

Today it be raining and cold, but that doesn’t stop us receiving amazing music adding a heat to our day, just like this great little release from Dave Seaman – Control Freak which is being released on his own label Selador which is also run by his partner in crime Steve Parry.

Dave Seaman – Control Freak (Original Mix)

A steady introduction with great progression, the transitions from the take off are smooth and see the track proceed forth with awesome drums & toms which sit beautifully spread. On the mids we have an almost Sitar styled pluck arp rolling throughout which has support from other arabian styled sounds. The percussion work within this track seems to be the more dominant element as the work produced here is simply awesome and stands strong. Some of you may remember a track by Paul Grogan – Distrakted, which was one of my all time favourite tracks of the past and this track for me brings back memories of just how beautifully produced it was and the overall vibe that comes with it. Control Freak comes with a dark vibe with superior progression. Awesome work.

Dave Seaman – Control Freak (FrankYeffe Remix)

Again we have a steady introduction which slowly progresses its way towards uniformed sub and bass work. the decay and sustain on the high strings that follow sit controlled and soon the vibe of the original is re-introduced and with this remix we also get the added bonus of some thick sounding strings and synth bass elements. Lovely melody structure with so many elements holding together and producing a great sense of mystery which is very satisfying. Percussion work as the original is superb. Soon the track is filled with life as phatt synth work and a steady flow of percussion drives us home. Beautiful work here.

Dave Seaman – Control Freak (Uner Remix)

A little more life on the introduction with guitar styled riffs and clever percussion work. Bassline drops with a little funk intact. Everything seems a lot more busy yet controlled and very tame. Great use of panning and delays create the perfect stereo field, do I hear a little jazz vibe hidden in the mix? very nice! everything becomes magical on the breakdown with lots happening in the form of percussion, jazzy hits and amazing string work. Tension control is nailed and melody work fairs out damn decent! Well done

There we have it, Dave Seaman – Control Freak which comes with two very supporting remixes which sees this release compiled perfect and ready for release. I can’t wait to hear yet more work from Dave Seaman as he never fails to deliver and with having such strong support from the likes of the remixers on this release we can expect more great music soon.

Craig Brogan Rating – Superb!