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DaGeneral – Done To You EP

By 29th November 2017 One Comment

Artist: DaGeneral – Title: Done To You EP
Label: STATIC Music – Release Date: 5th January 2018

Prolific tech house producer DaGeneral strikes again with a typically rich and dependable 2 track EP. 2017 has been a huge year for the Dundee based DJ and Producer, including the release of his first full album alongside fellow local producer and long-term accomplice Bageera. This high level of output hasn’t left DaGeneral (Alan Lumley) resting on his laurels or feeling that his legacy of a couple of decades is far from complete. Alan has stayed true to his dedicated commitment to studio time with his consistent monthly output keeping his musical streak stronger than ever.

Of the two track release, ‘Chilled Life’ comes as a surprise, as it is far from the full throttle beat fodder that Alan is known for delighting the world of dance music with. He instead shows some of his versatility and breadth of Musial capabilities by venturing assuredly into slightly different territory. ‘Chilled Life’ stays true to its title as a light on bass house number with some teasing, friendly vocals. DaGeneral’s signature still remains, however, as he leaves a few clues it’s still him behind the release, with a minute long breakdown in the middle of the track followed by some typically slinky, looping bars of blissful house leading into the outro, as well as some colorful Taylor-made stabs.

If ‘Chilled Life’ comes as an anomaly, ‘Done To You’ more than makes up to any expectant followers of DaGeneral in need of fresh, contemporary club music this month with a much bass heavier tech house offering, although there is some level of continuity from ‘Chilled Life’ with similarly sharp vocal samples, this time female. From the outset, the kick drums are booming and designed to reverberate around Scotland’s big sound systems. The undertones are ever present but intentionally less emphasized than the focal drumbeat. Brief breaks in the opening section give the track a lively tempo before leading into another DaGeneral mid track breakdown and continually mellowing and brooding outro, a structure that has served the General Surgery boss and dance floor revelers alike with much satisfaction for many years.

Hugh Miller Rating: 8/10