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Hybrasil – Calculator

By 29th November 2017 No Comments

Artist – Hybrasil – Title – Calculator
Label – Loose Records – Release Date – 27-11-2017 – Cat – LR067

Today we will be looking over the new Hybrasil EP known as Calculator. Hybrasil has been very busy over the past 2 years having performed for Carl Cox, Resistance, Sven Vath, Adam Beyer, Matador, also working with labels such as Break New Soil, Kraftek, Loose Records, Bush Records, Intacto & Hybrasil.

Hybrasil releases today his latest 3 track EP Calculator which we will now have a look at.

Hybrasil – Calculator Ft. David Griffin (Original Mix)

Ok from the get go we have very warm and powerful sub and kick work with a suitable gate effect. Progressing forward we hear some vocal shots that have been processed and distorted to a rustic and fitting style. I really like the style on the overall EQ as the closed hats come into play nice and tight. After some really smooth progression we are introduced to arps that increase in colour. The panning is subtle and delicate. Very neatly done. The power within the track remains intact and pounds us to the end of the mix. Great work.

Hybrasil – AFAOAI (Original Mix)

A more tonal sounding kick drum on this track with powerful sub. The intro has a balanced amount of atmospherics holding tension early on. Slowly as things progress the hats arrive and sit very smooth, not too much biting going on here. On the mid side of things we receive our key element for this mix, an acid arrangement takes shape and increases in colour whilst offering delay and reverb FX which are tight and perfect. A very calm and controlled track which doesnt become over done with elements. A relaxed techno piece with a great vibe.

Hybrasil – Hybrid (Original Mix)

Ok with this track we are grasped by a punchy hitting kick with very moving and warm sub. Tighty tight! Vocal shots come with an awesome delay effect and really add character to the mix. More elements are introduced which resonate in a very controlled environment. A dark techno driving style on this track. Breakdown offers beautifully spread atmospherics and technical ability from the producer. There are a variety of sounds that dart around in the back by use of reverb which really fits the overall mix. A very well produced track and comes with awesome depth.

Another awesome release here today from Hybrasil. I really enjoyed checking out this EP and the energy and darkness that comes with the EP is superb. A very fitting sound for todays ever challenging Techno scene.

Keep It Tech.

Craig Brogan Rating – Excellent