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Steve Mulder – Panorama

By 29th November 2017 No Comments

Artist – Steve Mulder – Title – Panorama
Label – Unrilis – Release Date – 27-11-2017 – Cat – UNRILIS036

Steve Mulder today sees the release of Panorama over on Unrilis. This release comes with a remix from Reinier Zonneveld. With 2017 already shaping up to have been a very improtant year for Steve Mulder with support coming in from the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha, and Umek. Steve is quite commonly known for his Beatport No. 1 hit Things We Might Have Said. He has previously been rated ‘Producer of 2010’ from Eddie Halliwell and now today shares with us his lates set of sounds.

Steve Mulder – Panorama (Original Mix)

Kicking things off we have a very strong sub to kick ratio. Beautiful positioning within the spectrum. Sufficient space remains due to careful EQ work and allows a display of Techno styled FX shots and phrases to add to the very well blended mix. If you pay close attention to how each element is EQ’D and placed you will soon realise that each sound is literally speaking to you and each other, and in response to one elements phrase, it is answered by a new sounds voice. This is a beautiful arrangement and the ability displayed here should really be recognized as such. Awesome

Steve Mulder – Panorama (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)

A tight control on the sub and kick where the kick has a slight lift around 7/800Hz allowing a little more of the mid strike to come through sees this intro push forth. A very nice tone is set in this manner on the kick. Surrounding this kick we have vibrant basslines guiding the track and at times comes with an increase on the resonator to add colour and brightness and later also distorted which works perfect. The mix becomes busy with new elements adding variety and more interest for the listener. Smooth and subtle percussion adds depth due to perfect sound placement. A steady structure takes the track to a close.

Steve Mulder – C30 (Original Mix)

Power! A very strong and dominant kick drum offers drive from the start of the mix. Percussion EQ is superb. Phatt bass synths offer a sinister sound and are arranged awesomely well. Sound choice on the overall track is simply perfect for the mix. Chords and melodies really pull the listener into the production. Atmosphere really takes shape and remains dark and strong. Open hats come in a little later adding more drive and direction. Elements soon become as one and the overal vibe is very strong and interesting. Brilliant.

Steve Mulder really has produced an outstanding EP for us here today and comes with it a suitable and very well produced remix from Reinier Zonneveld. I can see the tracks on this EP sitting really strong within the Techno realm and strong support to go with it.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this review and I encourage those of you who enjoy this production to purchase your very own copy and show support.

Craig Brogan Rating – Superb!