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Hollen & Raffaele Rizzi – Analog Combo

By 18th December 2017 No Comments

Artist – Hollen & Raffaele Rizzi – Title – Analog Combo

Label – Unrilis – Release Date – Beatport Exclusive now – Cat – UNRILIS037

Italia is doing it in style once again with – Hollen & Raffaele Rizzi on the power stable that’s Unrilis.
Hollen & Raffaele Rizzi – are two producers who are certainly on their game right now with their insistent flow of music that’s leaves floors breathless.

Their both consistently attention demanding with their outputs and produce a sound you simply cant ignore. Some of the best Techno has originated from these two Italian based outfits in recent times and further compounds the Italian “Techno supremacy” I often talk about.

Both Naples based they are producers that have been crafting their skills for some time and with a staggering output across many labels and remix projects taking center stage in the modern world of techno.
Hitting big home runs on labels such as Loose Records, Tronic, 100% pure, Bitten, Transmit Recordings, Toolroom Trax, Riot Recordings, Hollens Prospect Records and whilst also regularly featuring on Unrilis itself.

You really get sense that these artists are pushing a very welcomed drive and energy back into club music that’s maybe been missing for some time. Both fantastic interpreters of the Techno and Tech house sound, engaging and absorbing.

So getting in to the tracks we start with the title track on this awesome three tracker – Analog Combo.

This one kicks straight to action with purposeful intent, a dark transient bassline and building percussion. It’s full of drive from the outset with hypnotic qualities and really absorbs you.

The main theme of the track is centred around an almost euro style synth pattern and its kind of a hook combined with darker synth lines around it.

Next we have – Figli Del Vesuvio which continues with the darker edge theme but with less out and out drive. Its more mood driven with atmosphere and features an element of surprise with its vocal use singing out “I’m not going down without a flight”.

Very much a warehouse style-sounding piece that I could imagine the likes of “Danny Tenaglia & Steve Lawler embracing.

The third track of the EP is titled – Basic Duo and reverts back to a big floor commanding mood. It’s a super powerful sonic outlay with an almost acidic bass rhythm and its very enticing in its structure.

It sounds absolutely huge played loud and is another example of injecting a dedicated floor / club energy.

Synopsis, a big release once again out of Italy with the amplitude increasing from Hollen, Raffaele and Unrilis.

Blue Amazon Rated 9/10