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Der Dritte – D3R-25

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Artist – Der Dritte Raum – Title – D3R-25
Label – Harthouse – Release Date – 2017-12-08 – Cat – HHMA0274

Andreas Krüger A.K.A Der Dritte Raum has more than 25 year’s experience within the Techno scene. He could typically be found absorbed in his own studio using equipment such as analog synthesizers and modular systems. Working alone Andreas Krüger has produced outstanding mixes that have been part of Sven Vaths Harthouse label back in the 90’s.

Other projects have been released under other pseudonyms, Dr. DNA , Plaste + Elaste , The Star of Africa & Perpetuum Mobile.

D3R-25 is the title of his latest release and fortunately for us, we have this here today to check out.

Here is my review of the first 11 tracks that was on promo from the album, but you can always check out the full release on Beatport HERE


Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp (D3R-25 Remix)

This track comes with a genuine sense of adventure and euphoria. I personally can feel a very strong presence of the late 90’s characteristics. We have a selection of arp patterns and sounds that roll through the track with such passion. Having such a tight EQ in place, these sounds literally thrive with colour and emotion. Instrument levels are so well balanced and the stereo field has been utilized sufficiently well. The rolling bassline just keeps the entire track connected as one and a story is soon felt as the musical journey pushes forward. After becoming immersed in the sound and vibe, we soon realize it’s time to allow this track to come to a close. A slower BPM to the Original release which comes with a complete polish on sounds and shines bright. What a beautiful track!

Der Dritte Raum – Der Schrittmacher (D3R-25 Remix)

A very strong and punchy kick drum joins with a very warm sub. Percussion work soon takes this mix into a new state of sound and is very well placed within the mix. Chord changes soon land with the bass and mid arps and create a very moving set of sounds. Superb panning and delay work on each instrument sits tight and controlled. The reverb use on the main lead arp really sells this mix. those familiar with the original can expect super HQ sounds and technical ability. Another great remix.

Der Dritte Raum – Random Rag (D3R-25 Remix)

Oh yeah! everything we loved with the original mix remains intact and with the remix we find super HQ adjustments on sound, a more balanced and tightened EQ system. FX work is awesome adding to the very clean and clear instrument work. The Saxophone & Clarinet work is simply unreal! A superb mixdown polishes things off nicely. A beautiful composition remixed and ready!

Der Dritte Raum – Electric Friends (D3R-25 Remix)

This track comes with such a gorgeous flow of melody and powerful expression. A great sense of magic comes with this mix. Here we can find a very experienced artist work his sound to our ears, a pleasure comes with it too. A very bright EQ on the melodic synth notes and sharp yet not piercing stabs accompany and produce the perfect heaven. A constant flow of technical ability can be heard with this production. The track as a complete piece deliveries all the ingredients of an uplifting yet emotional story. Ace!

Der Dritte Raum – Klubraum (D3R-25 Remix)

This tracks vibe introduces a sinister new age styled feel. A perhaps robotic universe filled with a very busy nature which deliveries the highest of quality goods. Phatt sounding synths are spread to the sides, a transparency between each element creates the perfect 3D environment. Melodies flow easy and pan softly but tight. The perfect groove takes place and everything just feels natural. Top marks.

Der Dritte Raum – Doppel (D3R-25 Remix)

Energy is certainly present early on with the triplet work on sounds. A busy set of sounds flow and create a very moving planet of perfection. Destination funk and comes with it a hint of 80’s groove. Great use of resonators and reverb. Controlled and very colourful. This track creates the perfect vibe for those shifting hips and naughty bits. We are blessed with an awesome pattern of sound provided from an acid arp that simply captures the moment! It’s time to dance, aren’t you moving yet?

Der Dritte Raum – Aydszieyalaidnem (D3R-25 Remix)

A steady intro with clever spaced percussion. Great use of delay and reverb creates the perfect tension for the drop. We land after a very creative rise, and things become very tribal. Toms and snaps with vocal phrases jumping around. Amazing processing on the FX of each sound sees the track become very characteristic. A very full of flavour mix, modern styled vocal phrases and shots. Breakdown enhances on the very dominant set of delayed and panned robotic styled sounds. The groove re-enters the mix and continues to express. Brilliant track.

Der Dritte Raum – Trommelmaschine (D3R-25 Remix)

Ok so now we have destination move your feet! this track introduces an abundance of movement. The percussion work provided by the toms, hats, and wood work is simply amazing! there is no room for error with such a track. You can expect to hear this track drop right at peak hour to enhance on a dark vibed number. The breakdown on this track is simply superb!!!! The best way to elaborate on such a piece would be simply to suggest checking this out at a loud level of sound, and perhaps jump up and rock it out! Amazing!!!

Der Dritte Raum – Herr Verschiedenst (D3R-25 Remix)

Warm and vibrant sub to kick work comes with awesome percussion delays and snappy hits. The bassline creeps its way into the mix generating the movement and direction. Progression is at hand and we have no choice but to follow the directions provided by the composer. Things become more colourful and energetic as the acid arp and 90’s hats take the floor. Everything opens up and comes to life and this party just aren’t stopping! clever snappy synth shots fill the mid to side region with a saw nature & the rate on sound is fast and high. Acid rises with reso and colour. Percussion becomes more dominant and shuts down soon to allow the groove of the bassline to re-enter the mix. Sorted!

Der Dritte Raum – Wellenbad (D3R-25 Remix)

Super snappy on the higher end of things and punchy on the lower scale. Bright chord hits which decline with a cut-off on colour and res. Bassline enters the mix and takes full control, there’s a serious progression taking place now as we move forward to the break. A combination of open and closed hats creates a tight rhythm whilst a full but contained snappy clap shapes the overall sound into a sharp bodied state. A lot of industrial percussion keeps things hard hitting and the acid found within the track adds the character. Nice work.

Der Dritte Raum – Plasmatica 1992

As the name suggests you can expect to hear the overall sound of 1992 in it’s most natural form, simplicity is key here and the very bright and resonated sound of that era remains very in control. Things remain more dominated with the melodic synth blips and arps. Panning has been enhanced as compared to what you would have heard around the 90’s but the general vibe and feel still remains apparent. Though the track may feel empty in areas where we can now today fill with new sound sets and a more dynamic and harmonic background. This track replicates the true sound produced at this time (Early 90’s) A journey down memory lane can be found with this mix.

This concludes the latest release from Der Dritte Raum, and I have to say, it has been really refreshing to hear such craftmanship that includes a lot of nostalgic sounds.

This review covers 11 of the tracks that are present on the new release, there are bonus mixes that also come with the full purchase. I encourage everyone who enjoyed this review and this album to this point, to check out the bonus tracks and other extra goodies that come with it.

What an awesome album!

Craig Brogan Rating – Fantastic!