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Steve Mulder – Leathal Weapon

By 20th December 2017 No Comments

Artits: Steve Mulder – Title: Leathal Weapon

Label: Redrum – Cat No: REDRUM039 – Release Date: 18th December 2017

With the year drawing to a close Redrum welcome the dutch producer Steve Mulder to the label and sign off the year with what can only be describes as an absolute “belter”.

Title track “leathal Weapon” start’s with Steve’s trademark chunky drum’s, The track is then littered with little focal fx and a building synth filtering with orchestra pads rising in I simal vein as aztek mystics jaguar, the break and drop are just quality, this track will be rocking a lot of techno clubs across the world this NYE trust me on that.

First up on remix duties is Dema & The Yellowheads remix. This has different but still as effective drums and the magical break is utilized to I’ts full potential, another great track.

Last up on remix duties is Barbuto and this kicks off with a some what deeper vibe, focusing more on the essense of the groove, filtering in and out like a maradonna dream run! Another quality version.

Motivated is the last track on this awesome ep and it as you expect is another stormer thumping kicks and shimmying synth lines are the order of the day here and this grooves along nicely and is a great addition to an almost flawless ep.

Bageera Rating: 10/10

Great stuff from Steve and Redrum both looking forward to the new year with decided optimism.