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Arjun Vagale – Age Of Lust EP

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Artist – Arjun VagaleAge Of Lust Ep

Label – Suara – Release Date – Beatport exclusive – Cat – Suara296

Arjun Vagale – continues his fluent output on the label that has 9 lives.

Arjun Vagale considerable release output has been nothing but immense and as continued for such a sustained period of time.

We have previously outlined the amount ground he’s covered over the years from his early solo productions on – Vapour Recordings, Flow Vinyl, Trapez and KD Music, the huge release of “She Said”, Music on Tronic, Octopus, remixes for Bedrock, Selador and so many more.

It’s a solo career that developed from the former touring act called “Jalebee Cartel” and quickly moved into the modern Techno domain and with a sound that’s uniquely his own and continues to progress.

Sonically his productions over the past year seemed to have taken a different direction, focus and energy. We are now hearing a much darker influence in his sound, a faster tempo and focused drive. This is something that’s not only stood out amongst his own productions but also across the digital release domain, with a new defined energy.

Many will also know he hosts his own label – Odd Recordings – alongside with fellow artist “Ramiro Lopez” and what more fitting that both these artists are featured on this release.

The Ep starts off with the title track – Age Of Lust – and yes many of you will have already guessed that’s it a modern interpretation of the classic trance anthem by – Age Of Love.

Many of you like myself will be eagerly wondering what his take on this classic would be?
i.e. yet another version using similar parts and theme of the original, or something completely different?

Well is definitely the later with a combination of Arjun’s techno toughed up filter drum sound, airy overlays and yes hints of the vocal line. It’s quite a percussive workout and builds from grove to more acidic elements and one, which would deliver an element of surprise to a club without initially knowing what it was.

Next, we have – Photon – Ramiro Lopez remix – and we are straight into a brighter sonic mix of electro sounding percussion and euro-influenced stabs. It’s a remix, which as spooky feel about it and a classic European techno influence. The tempo is increased to 130bpm and
It moves between distorted acid lines and minimal drums.

The original of – Photon – is next and once again the tempo is slightly notched up a level.
This version is more four / four driven than the previous and contains more of the acidic lines as a main feature. It’s got quite a pounding rhythm and whilst it’s a simplistic arrangement, it keeps you locked in with hats and other drum elements.

The last of the bunch is another original title in – Inxxs – and is a real driven beast of a track with a no holds back starting point.

It’s worked around a tight rhythmic bassline, techno stabs and other unique sounding rhythm sound synth sounds which kind of wash in and out of the groove. It’s a very relentless track and fantastic for DJs like myself who love slamming groove mixes together.

Synopsis, A techno Ep with a different take on the sound that covers all bases from fun elements to the dark/moody and very driven beats. It’s definitely a long-awaited shift on the energy side, which many of us have been waiting to hear.

Blue Amazon Rated 8/10