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Christian Hornbostel – Materia Prima

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Artist – Christian Hornbostel – Title – Materia Prima

Label – Kling Klong – Release Date – Beatport exclusive – Cat – Kling124

Christian Hornbostel is back on Kling Klong with a touch of class


Christian Hornbostel has gathered quite a following for many years with his consistent output of quality and varied styled productions.

He’s an artist that seems to have the ability to turn is hand and magic to most styles of electronic music whilst his consistency, quality and presence always remain at the forefront.

He was very well known in the 90’s for being the man behind the 90’s renaissance anthem Virtualmismo – Mismoplastico and also VFR Tranceillusion, and a list of other pseudonym projects.

The support list for his music is very impressive with the likes of – Pan-Pot, Super Flu, Riva Starr, Tiga, Martin Eyerer, Wankelmut, Josh Butler, Stacey Pullen, Supernova, Rob Pearson, Adam Collins, Scott Johnston, Oliver Schories, Werner Niedermeier and much more all playing his music.

His remixes also cover a respected list of house music’s finest, including Satoshi Tomiie, Joi Cardwell, Deep Forest and Groove Addix and produced own projects such as ‘Into your mind’, ‘Back 2 the music’ on UK Southeast.


Previous Hornbostel releases on Kling Klong include – Species – and the outstanding – LZ 130 Ep.

On this Ep we start with the title – Retroperceptions – which a very mood driven track with infectious quality.

It hard to quantify its style as one as there’s such a real blend of influences with touches of Techno, Deeper House and as well as Progressive qualities all in one.

Its has a real emotive building structure with seamless transitions that absorb you the more you listen and tonally keeps you locked in.


Next is the same title but with a remix supplied by – Petar Dundov . Petar Dundov is another artist who’s hot on the radar whilst people are already familiar with his work on labels such as – Sasha’s – Last Night on earth and Cocoon.

Petar mix takes a step further to the deeper melodic and progressive side whilst using the theme of the original with more percussive elements.

It’s quite a dreamy affair and once again contains a deeply absorbing and hypnotic sculpture.


The third track is titled – Aeris – and switches over to a more driven Techno approach.

It’s all about the groove on this one with a deeper subliminal bass rolling throughout and a darker edge without it being gloomy. There are transient style riffs overlaid and great use of percussion as it builds dynamically with a few mini breaks.


The final of the EP is – Ingis – and keeps the Techno flavor in great flow.

It’s a lot more minimal than the previous within its percussive elements, although still quite transient in a subtle way. Sonically it’s very warm and outputs a, none ear fatiguing sound when played loud.

Definitely one of the tracks where you discover more of its hidden features the louder its played and enjoy it embedded faetures.


Synopsis, Another super quality Ep from – Christian Hornbostel and from a label in Kling Klong that also keeps delivering.

Blue Amazon Rated 9/10