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Hollen & The Yellowheads – Quick Combination EP

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Artist – Hollen & The Yellowheads – Title – Quick Combination Ep (inc Frankyeffe)
Label – Prospect Records – Release Date – Beatport Exclusive 9/1/18 – Cat – PRS077

Prospect Records tops the Techno domain with an intriguing collaboration.

Prospect Records are consistently pushing the envelope with their releases and unique quality. The labels dedicated focus to the Techno fraternity is quite relentless, exciting and have are really been delivering quality in the process.

Recent releases from such as Highestpoint, Francesco Fernandez, & Paco Marcelo have really kept the label alive whilst also providing a great continuation of the labels sound. It’s Techno full of enthused rhythm, great melodic quality and perfect for the clubbing environment. The releases are really striking a chord with the premier league of DJs and I encourage you to go have a listen for yourself on your favourite digital store.

This release is an exciting collaboration between the labels boss Hollen and the very popular The Spanish duo – The Yellowheads. Both these artists need little introduction these days with their ever-growing presence both as DJs and producers. They are two of the most consistent artists / acts out there and you really a get a feel of their dedication through their music outputs and DJing.

Getting in the tracks we start with the original title track – Quick Combination. This starts proceedings with reverberated percussion and lots of space in the rhythm. A great groove driven chord morphs into track as it builds with more intensity.

Its it got more of a cross Tech House to Techno feel about it than we usually hear from these two artists, but works really well with a deeper moody atmosphere.

Its full of rolling grooved energy and keep you firmly locked in through its arrangement – yet another floor enticing track.

Next its over to the remix of the same title by no other than Frankyeffe – Frankyeffe is another shining example of a decided underground artist, full of flair and consistency and very much like the counter artists on this release.

Franky’s take on the track is much tougher from the outset with a more in your face sound.
It builds quite quickly with more intensity, whilst retaining the rolling chords action from the original.

Great use of an arpeggiated baseline really keeps the groove resonating until we hit a dynamic break with acid fuelled quantity.

Getting straight back the intensity of the drums and groove follows whilst adding that little extra spice through to the end.

Synopsis, another home run for this forward moving label with a selection of mouth watering artists to savour the Techno community.

Blue Amazon Rated 10/10