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Tomcraft – Follow Me Home Ft Eddie Styles (Lutzenkirchen Remix)

By 17th January 2018 No Comments

Se-Lek Musik Premiers the – Lutzenkirchen remix of latest production by the legendary –  Tomcraft


Title – Follow Me Home – Label – Death By Stereo – release TBC Feb 2018

Tomcraft needs little introduction in the world of electronic music with his outstanding contribution that dates back to the 90’s. He’s an artist that has really embraced both sides of the spectrum with hard-hitting underground slammers through to the commercial with his hit – Loneliness.

Lutzenkirchen – is the featured remixer on this exclusive Ep taster and has provided the world of House with a new percussion heavy remix. The remix is a typically driving piece of euphoric tech house, backed by a steady beat at a tempo of 128 beats per minute.

The sound is worked around a unique looping intensifying and gaining momentum structure. The ebb and flow is fluent, with a couple of minor breakdowns and subsequent ‘drops’ occurring at the typical 1/3 and 3/4 mark, with an overall impression is very satisfying.

The looping and low rumbling recurring element of the track is a strong feature and pleasingly continues throughout the duration of the remix.

There’s is a great a sensation created and energy gaining that’s slightly ahead of the tempo and pacing of the track, as if the percussive elements were snatching ahead of the next beat in anticipation.

This gives this classy remix a liveliness that would ensure no loss of interest or direction when placed within the earlier phases of an extended set- best suited for 00:30 rather than 04:30 am.

Overall, a worthy and professionally moulder remix, with a refreshingly uncomplicated and unwavering regular four/four drum beat. We are looking forward – hearing the rest of the release.



Hugh Miller Rating: 8/10