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Fabio Gianelli – Crepusolo EP

By 23rd January 2018 No Comments

Artist: Fabio Giannelli – Crepusolo EP
Label: Suara – Cat: SUARA299 – Release Date: 22/01/2018

Nice to be back….

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Fabio Gianelli, his last non remix release being
in 2016. Having a robust discography of his own work and having been remixed by heavyweights such as ONNO, Karl Friedrich, Darius Syrossian and M.A.N.D.Y to name but a few and Fabio himself paying it back with his own remixes of their tracks, he’s no stranger to hard studio time and this shows in this EP.

You might remember some of Fabio’s work such as ‘Whispers’ which he released in 2016 on his own label Perpetualis on which Fabio has been releasing steadily since 2015, a nice synthy and energetic affair also remixed by Nick Devon. In 2013, ‘Lost in 27’, original mix being a 117 BPM steady deep house thumper further remixed by Darius Syrossian into a sweet tech house number are just two of Fabios marks on the world of music.

So what does the Crepusolo EP bring to the table?

Firstly he’s got Suara’s backing, so instantly there’s a mark of respect there, even without hearing the EP itself, why? In recent weeks Suara (or moreso Suara’s label boss Coyu) made a statement positioning Suara as being out of the tech house genre, a bold move but one that shows the label seeks and expects a certain level of quality of those it publishes, so Fabio here had the nod on that and of course this EP is listed in the Techno genre.

There’s 4 tracks in the EP: Crepuscolo Original mix and a mix by Lithuania’s Gardens of God (Mindaugas Lapinskis). Then we have Accordition, again an original mix from Fabio and a mix by the UK’s Theo Kottis.

Crepusolo, Original mix is a steady slow burner, it creeps along for the first couple of minutes slowly building to a nice subtle energy change, no big drops in this smooth production.

Gardens of God takes the pace up a little, and subtly raises the energy in a withheld crescendo in the second half of the track, this isn’t a big room banger, personally I’d play this in an opening/warm up set or where I’d want to keep the floor’s energy from peaking too early, it’s a track (either mix) that fits into the ‘journey’ style of mix.

Accordition is somewhat a different affair, you can hear the foundational similarities between this and Crepuloso, the original mix adds in beautiful use of the violin and a more energetic yet still reserved mid track break with very nice little pitch changes along the way.

Theo Kottis puts his spin on things but keeps the flow much more flat and pulsing along with less use of the high frequencies, like what you’d want to hear in a dark sweaty basement at 3am, again this may work for those slow burners or energy checks on those 4 + hour sets.

Overall very nice artistic work from Fabio and remixers and nice to see he’s back on the scene with a solid release on Suara. My favourite track of the four on the EP was Accordition (Original Mix), it just caught my ear with the Violin.

Crepusolo EP is released 22nd January on Suara.

Pablo C Rating: 7/10