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2pole have been taking the Techno world by storm as of late with massive releases on labels such as Tronic, Transmit, Phobiq, and many others.  DaGeneral took some time to have a chat with this duo from Germany to find out a little bit more about them and what they have in store.


Q1 Hey guys thanks for taking the time to speak to me today. You started of as solo artists first as Broombeck & Mark Deutsche, how were you guys introduced, and make 2pole as a collaborating act?

Marcus: As Broombeck I started the new label Yes We Can and I was looking for new artists and remixers. At the same time Mark and his partner Musoe produced a really nice track which came on Noir Music. So I asked them to do a remix for a release on my label. They showed me an unfinished EP too which I signed too… After this happened we phoned a lot and talked about studio hard- and software and a forthcoming collaboration which ended in creating 2pole!


Q2 With some massive releases coming out of your studio on Tronic, Transmit, and Phobiq. It has been a great time over the last year, how would you describe your sound, what are your music influences, and can you reflect on the success you have had lately?

Mark: Oh yes! We got some really nice feedback of international super star DJs since our first release and of course of the audience and clubbers around the world! Our sound is quite different to the usual techno sound. We both like pumping and powerful drums combined with melodic and atmospheric lines.

Marcus: We both like older techno. You’ll find a lot of little elements of that decade in our tracks. We try to produce songs which are unique and timeless, and that’s really important. People should remember our tracks and sounds – that’s success!


Q3 I am a fan of your music as you know, so curious like many others to know if there will be a 2pole album coming in 2018?

Mark: We already planned two albums! 😀 But as you know, music business isn’t quite easy. So everyone told us to split the album into singles and EPs first until we have a better standing.

Marcus: Of course there will be an 2pole album. But we do not have a plan about that. I already released over 15 albums with my other music projects, and I really like albums.


Q4 In the studio do you have any favoured plugins or software/hardware that you really like to use, and have any tips for up and coming producers that are making music at the moment?

Marcus: My studio is packed with analog hardware and a huge amount of plugins. It’s hard to decide which one is the best, because I usually change my workflow every week or month to get inspiration. But I really like all UAD plugins, Softube, Fabfilter and U-He stuff on Ableton Live and my Moog Voyager, modular system, Novation Peak, Elektron Analog Four, Rytm and Heat. Our advice is: do what you like and be unique – don’t copy and paste!

Mark: I like working with Native Instruments Maschine, Novation Peak, Softube plugins and the Fabfilter stuff on Ableton Live too.


Q5 On the DJ/Live front you between you have played some nice venues and events, and of course this gives a different buzz to the production success. Anything nice lined up for 2018 you can tell us about, and any experiences from previous events stuck in your mind that you would love to share with us?

Mark: At the moment we just started working with our new agency BPA agency. We hope to get some nice playtimes at nice party locations this year. But business is harder than ever, and we have a new started project with a new name, which needs to be known by people doing parties.

Marcus: But we are really looking forward to show people our music live and as DJs. We both have the experience as you already mentioned to get the dancefloor on fire 😉


Q6 As a fan of your music as many are, I would be curious to know when your next EP/single is out and where we our readers can purchase that from?

Mark: We just released our „Dopamine EP” on DJ Boris label Transmit, which is available on Beatport. The next releases are out in February on Hydrozoa (sub label of Octopus) and in March on Phobiq and on Tronic. Some remixes of us will be out the next month and a remix EP of the tracks we made with Christian Smith are planned to be released in April. You will get all the tracks on Beatport.


Q7 You have had some great collaborations with Christian Smith, and Jam El Mar. But is there any artist past or present that you guys would love to have had made music with?

Marcus: Working with Christian and Rolf (Jam El Mar) was and is a big honour to us! And we are really open to any creative collaboration in the future. So we do not have any special wish.


Q8 This is a tough question but between you what is your top 10 tracks from all time and why?

01. Broombeck – The Clapper : because this is the track which brought me into techno business.
02. Moderat – A New Error : goosebumps track!
03. Alan Fitzpatrick – Skeksis : I really love the bass sound.
04. Christian Smith – Initiate Sequence (Julian Jeweil Remix) : this is my favourite Tronic track
05. Oxia – Domino : the melody is always in my mind!

01. Wishmountain – Radio (Original) : groovy stomper with much noise
02. Wassermann – W.I.R. (Sven Väth Remix) : killer vocal
03. The Aztec Mystic A.K.A DJ Rolando – Knights of the Jaguar : audio odyssey
04. Ben Klock – Subzero (Original) : evergreen
05. Timo Maas – Subtelite (Original) : pure craziness


Thanks a lot for having us!


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