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Loco & Jam – Cluster Flux

By 31st January 2018 One Comment

Artist: Loco & Jam – Title: Cluster Flux EP
Label: Tronic – Catalogue: TR272 – Release Date: 5th Feb 2018

Taking it to the top…!

Where does one start with the two gentlemen from Northern Ireland that make up Loco & Jam. They started out over 10 years ago DJing and producing music together, now it’s their time in the spotlight. For the past two years Loco & Jam are featuring in more major techno events being booked to play all over the world. One look at their gig calendar shows just how popular James & Lloyd have become. Its an ongoing prank on their Facebook fan page for either of them photo the other passed out asleep on some plane to or from a sell-out gig around the world.
Take a look at some of their recent productions who have been getting heavyweight support from the likes of Dubfire, Marco Bailey, Richie Hawtin, Umek, Len Faki, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox and of course myself 😊


Tracks such as Vesta, Medusa, Kick it up, Dimensions, Argentina and After the Storm are but a handful of stompers these guys have pumped out. Browsing their Facebook page and reviewing some of the massive festivals and crowds they’ve played, and you’ll get an idea of how popular their sound has become – Worldwide.

Ok, enough adulation (can you tell I’m a fan yet?) What about this EP, Cluster Flux. It’s a three-track stomper featuring Modulator, Hold Me Down and the EP namesake Cluster Flux.



Modulator opens with a classic techno kick and slowly builds into an energetic climax almost 4 minutes into the track, a nice synth underscores the build up where the breakdown finally hits, rounded off with the classic Loco & Jam steam release valve sounding hiss fading as the track begins to pick up again into it’s second, clap backed breakdown. Pure dancefloor energy packed into under seven minutes.

Hold Me Down

Hold Me Down is a different affair, a lot subtler than Modulator in its opening, nice highs compliment a steady beat and kickdrum with perfect use of reverb and stereo effects. The build and breakdown are much more reserved here, three minutes in, yet, even during the break the energy is kept pulsing to keep the feet on the floor in the march to the rolling breakdown. The foot is off the gas for a few bars then applied again firmly to take us into the final build and slow fading out. Hold Me Down could easily be call Hold Me on the Dancefloor, I think that’s what this track will do nicely.

Cluster Flux

Finally, the EP’s namesake Cluster Flux. Of the three tracks on the EP, this is the more complicated track, not in a bad way, but in a way that will cause the listener to pause to understand what they are hearing, no doubt a lot of work went into making this track perfect for release. A filtered snare/kick opens the track, then bubbling into a sweet build up layered with a stabbing phased horn/siren effect. I Imagine how a packed floor would respond to this, and if I would need to use mixer effects at all to denote the breakdown, Cluster Flux seems to have all the elements built in, no effects required in my opinion, therefore a belter and one I’ll squeeze every moment out of.

Whether you’re a fan of Loco & Jam’s distinct sound or not, if you’re a techno DJ you’ll do well to have this EP in your playlist. With Loco & Jam’s ever-rising popularity most techno crowds appreciate an L&J stomper somewhere along the way and Cluster Flux EP delivers on all fronts. I won’t pick a favourite, all tracks on the EP, in my view as a humble DJ, are solid, up front pieces of work.

Pablo C Rating: 8.5/10