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Julian Rodriguez & White Resonance – M8

By 6th February 2018 No Comments

Artist – Julian Rodriguez & White Resonance – Title – M8

Label – ICONYC – Release Date – Beatport Exclusive Now – Cat – NYC077


It’s always a pleasure to check out the releases with these two guys names on the cover, Julian Rodriguez and White Resonance are no strangers to collaborative works and this release is certainly another feather in the cap for the South American electronica duo.

With a multitude of collaborative tracks in their repertoire, recent remix works from the likes of Simos Tagias, Subandrio, GMJ, it’s easy to see why these guys attract such a solid following.

Julian, hailing from one of the main centres of progressive house worldwide, BA in Argentina, splits his time making music, running the highly respected Massive Harmony Records and of course flying here and there, spreading his infectious brand of melodic, atmospheric progressive.

To get to White Resonance’s hometown you need to head a little more northward, into Mexico where, likewise, you will find him imprinting his special blend of lush progressive. With their latest, M8, there is something for everyone, a beautifully warm original and two quality remixes from Andy King and Following Light which round off another solid outing on John’s ICONYC.

The original doesn’t waste any time introducing the melodics, straight into it from the opening bar. It features shimmering pads and silky reverbed chords, oozing that lush atmospheric vibe, commonplace in the sets of Argentinian maestro Hernan Cattaneo.

Adding further layers upon layers of unique, ethereal pads and soundscapes and you get the idea, no one element stealing the limelight, this production, like their previous, has the signs of a more graceful hand, which shines through when it comes to their production ethos. If deep, lush, melodic and understated is what you are after, look no further.

First up on the remix roster is Glasgow based Andy King, delivering a sub-9 minute interpretation that certainly has the darker dancefloors in its line of sight. A sinister set of drums and even more sinister bassline set the tone early on with this stellar reworking.

Shimmering melodies and intermittent synth elements, coupled with sparse use of those lush pads accentuate the darkness, driving the track forward with relentless intent. The break takes things to a whole new level, haunting atmospherics and “that lead” are sure to send shivers down many a spinal column in the coming weeks and months.

Ukrainian based Guk Kirill a.k.a. Following Light, Inmost Records don and a regular on Lincor, delivers up his slice of M8 with a solid, drum based groove, manipulating the original ingredients into what could be considered a more end-of-night sort of vibe.

Clicky percussive elements and a fat, low-slung bassline give this interpretation a rock-solid footing for the lush, yet bittersweet chord progression that sits on top. I’m a big fan of Following Light’s darker, “dubbier”, techno-focussed alter ego Methodub and it is easy to see hints of that alter ego right here, with a remix rounding off another memorable entry into his rapidly expanding discography.

Synopsis – another fantastic release for this expansive leading progressive label

GuyRo rating 9/10