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Tom Hades – Goya

By 9th February 2018 No Comments

Artist – Tom Hades – Title – Goya

Label – Loose Records – Release Date –Beatport Exclusive – Cat – LR068


Loose Records first release of 2018 it’s a real curtain raiser with no other than – Tom Hades.
Tom Hades needs little introduction to the techno community with his outrageous history and contribution to the scene.
He originates from Belgium and has been outputting some of the most electrifying sounds since the year 2000 where he also teamed up with the legendary – Marco Baily. His music covers some of the most purest forms of techno through to the more Hi Energy influenced productions, which are very floor damaging.

You can find his previous releases on the who’s who of labels such as – Drumcode, John Digweed’s Bedrock, Phobiq, Natura Viva, Re-Loaded Records, Allenza, Harthouse – Elevate and so many more.

He also hosts is own label – Rhythm Converted – which is a real springboard for the deeper edged techno music currently out there. You can also find artists such as Enrico Sangiuliano, Maae, Skober, Filterheadz on this label as well as Tom himself.

Getting into this release we have the title track – Goya – first
Goya – really captivates the sound of Loose Records so well, it’s a dark purposeful rhythmic production from the outset with building melodic quality.
It really combines that deep intensity of modern techno with a lush overture, thus taking it to other areas of electronic music. It’s very atmospheric with neatly embedded fx and atmosphere sounds that are just distanced enough not to detract from the groove and dynamics.

Next, we have a remix of the same title by artists – Hush & Sleep – Hush & sleep are not a name I was personally familiar with, however, after some digging around I can tell you they are certainly artist worthy of notable credibility with their quality fuelled outputs.

This mix of – Goya – follows the theme of the original very well whilst including a slightly more hat piercing sound. It got a bit in your face drive to it than the original with a slight tempo increase and very nicely worked Tech chords.

The final track on this quality 3 tracker is titled – Come On – and has a darker sounding atmosphere to it.

On first play you might get the impression that this track is more of a DJ mix tool but I urge you to it carefully listen and you find its full of a lot more surprise than you might have initially thought. There’s more of a classic Techno influence but, its an influence that’s very carefully and hypnotically placed.

Synopsis, Once again Loose Records is outputting the quality we have come accustomed too, and Tom Hades, is Tom Hades in dynamic form.

Blue Amazon Rated 8.5/10