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Various Artists – Headliners Of Tomorrow

By 12th February 2018 No Comments

Artist: Various – Title: Headliners of Tomorrow
Label: SUARA – Cat: SCOM030 – Release Date: 05/02/2018


Tomorrow’s music today…

I was unsure of that had landed in my inbox with a subject line of : Headliners of Tomorrow. I loaded it up straight away to see what was ahead. Suara could be considered one of the world’s leading labels with its metaphoric rise over the past 10 years all captained under the direction of label boss Coyu. You’ll find everything on this label, a cross genre plethora of choice.

Now, onto what this mini compilation is all about and who better to tell us it’s reason for existence no other than the boss himself, Coyu who made a statement on Facebook on the thinking behind this release, remember, Suara/Coyu also recently decided they wouldn’t be pushing the tech-house genre any further, so this label is marking 2018 by pushing the comfort zones beyond the cozy, safe, money making releases we have flooding the major distributors today.


Directly quoted from Coyu’s post:
“Suara does not have its own festival, but it does give a chance on its releases by lesser-known artists to show their value to a wider audience. It’s been like that since its inception and reinforced that value when a year and a half ago Suara decided to make a musical transition and bet only on less commercial sounds…” Coyu goes on to say “…. It is difficult for a new artist to be heard, despite making quality music and releasing on a consolidated label such as Suara. The reason is that the same people who complain about lack of opportunities for smaller artists are those who perpetuate the situation by not buying the music of these artists. He says about the artists “..None of them have above 1000 likes on their facebook page”.

I suppose that last observation probably deserves a discussion separately in its own right, is ‘Facebook likes’ now the de-facto measurement of quality and/or success in music production these days?

Hence the release of ‘Headliners of Tomorrow’ which looks like the first in a series of releases.


I listened to each track on the sampler mostly from artists I had never heard of and I have to say I was impressed with the quality of the tracks. High energy techno for the most part with some progressive and even trance infused numbers. There’s 13 tracks on the sampler and I haven’t enough space on here to review each one, however the tracks that stood out for me were:

Gaijin – ADV709 (Original Mix)

Cortechs – Raised by Another (Original Mix);

Niereich & Linus Quick – The Truth (Original Mix)

Sin Sin – Pegasus (Original Mix)


These tracks stood out for me above the rest due to their slightly different approach and non-reliance on standard (safe!) sounds and I will play them out.

All in all this is another bold move by Suara and in my view, a welcome move. A platform giving exposure to new artists above and beyond the ‘facebook like’ measurement shows Suara’s continued commitment to bring quality to the scene, even if it means releasing mini compilations to do this. The comments following Coyu’s post say it all, there’s huge support for this initiative.

‘Headliners of Tomorrow is out now on Beatport

PabloC Rating: 8/10