Se-Lek Musik is a new focal point for some of the best House, Tech House and Techno artists in the modern era.

Dedication to all things underground we founded this new creative focal point to present the next generation of emerging artists / DJ’s as well as some of the industry favs.

We are a record label, album compilation company, Press / media outlet as well a radio show and event host.

Our first music release (Blue Amazon – Unite (remixes) was outputted at the end of April 2016 and since then we have continued with an array of both single releases, compilation albums and entered into hosting our own event.

We are proud to have already featured some fantastic artists across our albums, singles and radio outlets including acts such as “ Arjun Vagale”, “Oliver Lieb”, “Dageneral”, “Macromism”, “Blue Amazon” “Hollen”, “Riva Starr”, “Alberto Ruiz”, “Mauro Picotto”, “Loco & Jam” “Metodi Hristov” as well as our own emerging talents – “Xaric”, “Louie Le Fink” “Sam Ritter”, “Pad One”, “Kiz Pattison” “Bageera”, “Ian Meyer” “Med In Mars” “Alex Nemec” “Alexander Madness”, “Zak Gee” and more.

With some strong affiliations “Se-Lek Musik” aims to be strong quality driven stable with great promotional activity to aid the development and exposure of new music and emerging talents.


To submit demo’s to Se-Lek Musik please go the SUBMISSIONS PAGE