Alexander Madness & Alex Nemec – A Different Night

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Our next installment on the Se-lek-Music Platter is an exciting collaborative master work from Alexander Madness & Alex Nemec.  Alexander Madness & Alex Nemec are both artists that originate from Slovenia with a good wealth of musical potency that’s made connection and inspired both DJs to the enthused club listener.  The two both have an impressive production accolade list that includes outputs on labels such as the iconic Bush Records, Umek’s 1605 label, Tronic, 303 Lovers, Ying Yag, Blue Fin, Slavic and this would be only touching the entirety.  Their both also valuable DJs and played amongst some of the most prevalent in the industry whilst expanding their musical growth, and Alex as will know is also the driving force behind the progressive label Mirabilis Records.

Looking at their sound it’s hard to categories the pair when they both have an extensive output, which covers a multitude of music within the electronic framework. One thing that is evident is the consistency in quality and recent drive towards a more techno influenced sound that is very attractive to the se-lek platform.

Their first release with us A Different Night we feel really compounds the modern era of club music, which has become a bit more purist in recent years. The track gets straight into power play from the off with great percussive elements and a dark rolling bassline which continues to build with stabby elements.The track is well arranged and keeps you locked in with varying short breaks that build back in both uniquelyand with anticipation.

The remix on the release is from Marseille based Med In Mars who is becoming quite a favorite on the circuit with is unique ability to cross merge prog to house and tech in one sitting. His remix here is no more than expected but a quality production affair that’s quite hard to quantify.There are elements of progressive house in the way its arranged but also deeper percussive tech elements and a surprising use of a classic orchestral string line.In contrast the original this mix has a different motive but where the two mixes both meet is in the quality and production skills applied.


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