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RELEASE DATE 2017-08-14
LABEL Se-Lek Musik
Se-Lek Musik gives a warm welcome to GuyRo and his debut EP on the label “Back in The Daze”.

GuyRo is an Irish born producer that currently crafts his art whilst residing in Spain. He’s an emerging talent that truly embraces the original progressive sound with a modern Techno esque twist and great sonic presence.

Some of his previous outputs can be found on labels such as “Soundscapes Digital” and ones, which further highlights this producer’s quality and unique edge.

On this Ep he’s delivered two title tracks that really highlight his cross merge influences. The original of “Back In The Daze” is a hypnotic number with darker techno undertones, overlaid transient elements and old school progressive chord structures. It’s quite absorbing the more you listen and features darker synth washes that provide intensity.

The next title “White flag” takes on more of a Techno approach from the outset with a classic rolling drum machine action. It equally as hypnotic as “Back In The Daze” with great use of fx sweeps and builds percussively ,keeping rhythmic interest. It’s also got a very 80’s syfy film feel to it with an emphasis on moody synth rises that provide a sense of surrealism.

The first of two remixes of the title track “Back In the Daze” follows.

German based producer “Disscut” is first up. Disscut has really taken the title to a darker techno-pounding stratosphere with edge. It’s a very modern Techno interpretation with a quick toughened groove, filtered dynamics, padded mood induced atmosphere and the quality equal to some of the premier acts in this area.
Its definitely a mix to be sported in the darker warehouse spaces across club land.

Manchester based Matt Black is next and is a name that’s been resonating around our scene for some time with varying works that have drawn more than just a few peoples attention. Matts mix is quite classic progressive but progressive with a good chunk of groove that touches into house. It’s uplifting in mood and really captures that summer vibe while whilst also integrating darker details.


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