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RELEASE DATE 2017-09-25
LABEL Se-Lek Musik
Se-Lek fav Xaric is with us once more with another signature masterpiece.

This French based DJ / producer has really been making ground this year with an insistent amount of releases and remixes hitting a number of quality labels. He’s also very active as a DJ and in particular his weekly radio mixes really gather pace with energy and excitement.

He’s an artist that’s very admirable for is unique touch and originality in all his productions and DJ sets.
It’s a sound and vision that truly belongs to him only and a passion / flair that separates modern artists whilst providing our scene with more excitement, interest and energy.

On this release he’s come up with something quite special and as expected different.

Fly with the Dragons – is something hard to pigeonhole to one specific genre as it cross merges so much. It’s very melodic in some ways but also quite intensifying in other areas. The synth work is out there on its own and really infectiously absorbs you.

Percussively its quite 80’s sounding with a bit of edgy timing that also adds to its flavor.

2012-2017 – is a completely different style of track and one, which the title might give a hint as to what? It’s something that really embraces a sound from a certain time line, a sound that was huge and creeping back into polarity at a fast rate.

Expect Very – anthemic and reminiscent of so much.


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