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Pako & Frederik have been key figures in the electronic world since the 90’s, championed by all the big DJs they have treated us to classics titles such as Western Approaches & the awesome Seaside Atmosphere with Stef.They have previously featured on se-lek with their very fierce remix of Kiz Pattison, a remix which really unlocked the doors with a tough groove, pounding bass flow and hypnotic qualities.The production sound from this Netherlands duo has previously been referenced to progressive house over the years but here we have a more experimental techno influenced track. It’s quite reminiscent of the quality delivered by the great Warp records and full of electronic quality. It features a great submerging style bass line and unique synth lines.The first remix on the pack is by Blue Amazon who returns to the label after a short break from production.Blue Amazon like Pako & Frederik have also been referenced to the progressive house sound, however in recent times the BA sound has become a lot heavier and infused with dirty techno rhythms. This mix by Blue Amazon is a great continuation of the recent mixes with a great rolling techno bass whilst working around the theme of the original mix.The 2nd remix is from the ever growing Kiz Pattison, Kiz has featured on the label many times with his unique take on the minimal side of techno house. On this remix, Kiz has also embraced the original theme very well and whilst including the original melodies he’s also added his own stamp to the sound with an emphasis on the kick bass.


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