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RELEASE DATE 2017-08-28
LABEL Se-Lek Musik
Distinctive DJ returns to Se-lek Musik with a purposeful three tracker.

Our first introduction to Northern Ireland based Ciaran Murray (Distinctive DJ) came from our Se-Lek All Stars mini album with title track “Future Of Dreams”.

The track instantly picked up a good amount of interest for its crossbreed influences of progressive and techno and is still resonating in global DJ sets. He’s certainly an artist that can produce a good proportion of energy in his music as well a varied genre and he’s continually emerging to be a valuable asset on our beloved scene.

On this release he’s provided three great tracks that outline his production quality and own signature style.

The title track “Papa” kicks in to action with a house to techno style bassline and builds with classic drum patterns around it. It features great synth overlays that provide an edgy atmosphere as it grooves along it with a true underground feel to it.

Next it’s “Track ID” which is a heavier style from the outset with more focus and punch around the kick area. It builds with a deeper grinding bassline before introducing Detroit esque sounding chords that once again blurs the lines between house and techno. It’s got a dirty edge to the sound and melodic melodies that carries it through to the end.

The final track “A Break in Time” is a much happier affair with a summer style transient flow. There’s still great emphasis on classic 909 style drum patterns and it builds more in orchestral crescendo fashion through to the outro.


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