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Sam Ritter – Beach Please / 667

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Sam Ritter – Beach Please /667

1: Beach Please (Original)

2: Beach Please (Pad One Remix)

3: 667 (Original)

4: 667 (DaGeneral & Bageera Remix)

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Sam Ritter is back with us with another creative exhibit following his Pepper Town release.At Se-Lek we often talk about favoring the brave and creative who rather than follow will push to achieve something of their own and a true identity. That’s exactly why we have Sam Ritter on our label. As an artist DJ he’s prepared to engage in a true artist output. He has the ability to excite, surprise and absorbs us all in a modern sculpture that could only be him. ¬†We have previously talked about his background but for anyone who didn’t receive the Pepper Town promo, Sam was Born in kiryat mozkin Israel, he’s been active on the London club circuit including gigs Notting Hill Carnival as well as in his home town and you can hear his most recent outputs on labels such as DeepBeatNights as well as Se-Lek-Music.

We have four tracks remixes on this EP that certainly cross the boundaries in a multitude of areas in clever way. The original version of Beach Please is a real merge of influences and full of surprise as it starts off in more filtered house fashion before building to a dark driving techno bassline. There’s clever use of vocal snippets neatly tucked into the groove and a powerful break down.

Italian based Pad One is first on the remix duties and actually his first remix for Se-ek we are please to say. This remix is great power drive with a deeper prog techno edge. Its got real atmosphere and hypnotic throughout, a real floor stomper.

Next is another original title featured with Sam’s 667, here we have a very interesting intro leaded Techno chunk of a groove. Its quite percussive with dynamic builds that will definitely surprise the floors with depth and a touch glitch. There’s great emphasis on fx , again vocal snippets in this track and a melodic outro for good measure.

The 2nd remix on the pack is from the familiar duo of Dageneral & Bageera who have both been making great waves across our beloved scene. This is techno with a touch of pizzazz that’s not often heard in modern techno these days. It’s very melodic with an almost anthemic approach, almost orbital esque sounding atmosphere and its delivery that doesn’t just rely on 44.


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