Xaric – Dice Town

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Xaric – Dice Town

1: Dice Down

2: Royal Flush

3: All In One

Cat: selekm003

Continuing the pace for this exciting project is our 3rd offering from the very talented DJ producer Xaric from France.

Xaric is a name that might be familiar to some has he’s already had a number productions released with labels such as Stripped Digital, Endemic Digital and his own imprint Atlant.

Over a number of years he’s received applause from key DJs in the industry with his progressive infused sounds and this follows with a touch of depth and class.

Our ears really pricked up when we heard this EP for is very warm but classic techno approach, reminiscent of releases on labels such as R&S records.

The title track Dice Town really sets the tone for what’s to come with its melodic and infectious chord structures. It’s transient without being trance, its hypnotic drawing you in the more you listen and features unique undertones.

Next is the title Royal Flush here we have even more techo esque influences. Its quite drum influenced from the off, classic 909 drum hits building in anticipation for what is quite dark but funky baseline.It sounds awesome on a loud system and really captures what techno is about, simplicity with great sounds.

The last track here all in One continues this tecky journey with rolling percussive rhythm’s and that classic techno style bassline. Again we have a contagious chord structure with an ear-melting breakdown almost phased out like the older BT productions.

There’s lots of talk about supporting the underground, so here’s supporting it.


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