Zak Gee – 1969 House / Selek Lab

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Zak Gee – 1969 House /Selek lab

1: 1969 House (Original)

2: Selek Lab (Original)

Cat: selekm012

Se-Lek Music fav Zak Gee returns in quick succession with an awesome two track master exhibit that pleases our eardrums. His recent remixes of Blue Amazon & Sam Ritter for the label made a firm impact and this is another fantastic contribution from our obsessed music family.As a producer he is already respected on circuit after releasing quite an array of quality productions on imprints such as Glamour Punk, IVR, Pro B Tech and he’s an insistent remixer with a great amount of mixes due in the pipeline for other respected labels. Working in the studio he’s a producer that has a wide range of influences within his domain with a unique ability to be able to apply his skills to almost any sound out there. ┬áLike many producers artists he’s also an applied DJ that forges his sets in Un comprisable, and In many ways its fair to say this Macedonian producer is a slightly an unsung hero of the modern times but the future is bright.

Getting into the sound of the tracks one of the trade marks of Zaks club exhibits is a good element of funk and groove and 1969 House is a great example of that. Its quickly paced start rhythmically with a modern disco infused sculpture. Its got a real feel good vibe to it and crosses the boarders between house and techno influences very well.

Selek lab on other hand is more of a minimal electronic influenced number. It’s a deeper synth leaded sound with a clever deeper subtle bassline, fanatic use of FX ,filter loops and a transient melody line without it falling into the trance genre bracket.


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